Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Level 1 Gold Guide is here!

Good news everyone!

I've been writing a new gold guide in secret, and it's now finished! It's my little gold making guide that was designed with new, or goldless players in mind. It's not a huge book, but contains simple ways on how to change 0 copper into 50000 gold, or however far you're gonna take it.

It goes through all possible ways a level 1-10 character can make gold, and is updated often.

That said, if you can use any of the gold making tips found on this page, the Level 1 Gold Guide is not for you, unless you are curious or just want to support Kuja's Gold Mine.

This brand new gold guide is available only to the readers of Kuja's Gold Mine.

The problem of these kind of guides is always the price. If it's free, then the methods inside become saturated over time. If it's too expensive, no one gets to use it. That's why you can freely choose how much the guide is of interest to you, and pay whatever you want for it.

Like always, the more donations received, facebook likes/shares or tycoon purchases made etc., the more gold making tips I can push out in a faster pace, and spend more time on them to make them better.

You can read more about it and download it here:
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