Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Solo Farming Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake - WoW Gold Guide

As Mists of Pandaria is getting closer every day, current Cataclysm instances become easily soloable. Some of these offer unique loot, such as epic flying mounts. Last mount farming tip was Solo Farming Drake of the North Wind, up next is Solo Farming  Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake in The Stonecore.

farming slabhide in stonecore solo
The Stonecore
Solo farming Cataclysm instances is a great way to make gold, and obtain mounts!

Mount is not the only thing that drops here
While farming mounts is not directly gold making, instances such as Stonecore offer lots of valuable loot on top of the desired mount. However, this method focuses only on the farming of the second boss. If you'd like to learn more about Stonecore, how to solo it completely and what kind of loot/gold per hour it offers, wait for the Loot Hunters post for this instance.

Reins of the Vitreous Stone Drake is dropped by the second boss, Slabhide, in Stonecore. It drops both in normal and heroic mode and is roughly a 1% drop rate. Since it's one of those low drop mounts, you'd better have some patience if you want to see this one drop. It usually takes about 30-60 runs to get it, but many have obtained it in just a few kills, including me.

vitreous stone drake farming solo
Vitreous Stone Drake
Looks much like Slabhide itself!
Getting to Slabhide is quite fast, but may be challenging for some people. A good solo class with a correct talent build is a must. The trash before the first boss can be a pain, as they come in big packs and cannot be skipped completely.

Here's a some tips on how to solo the first trash mobs:
  • Kill the Earthshaper first, use interrupts.
  • "Kill" Millhouse next, use interrupts.
  • Take the melee mobs in whichever order you want.
  • If a melee starts to whirl, back off.
Once you've killed a few packs, you will start to get the hang of it and the remaining runs will be a lot easier. You will need lots of heals, even in normal mode. Check the below list for suggested classes and builds.
  • Warrior (Prot)
  • Death Knight (Blood)
  • Druid (Bear)
  • Hunter (Use tank pet)
  • Warlock (Demo)
First boss and rest of the trash is skippable
Surprisingly the bosses here are easier to solo than some of the trash. However, bosses in normal mode do no drop anything super valuable. Just blues that disenchant into small heavenly shards. If you're doing this in heroic mode, the loot is a lot more valuable.

stonecore entrance portal location in deepholm
Stonecore's Entrance is located in the center of Deepholm,
high above the ground.
The first boss can be skipped thankfully. Just run to the new hole that the boss flies through, hugging the wall to avoid aggro. The next cave will have giants. These patrol around, so they too can be skipped if you wait for it. Just don't get too close to the smaller mobs in this cave, although they are easy to solo as well.

The next area will have the boss we're after, Slabhide. He's very easy to solo, and requires nothing but avoiding the fires on the ground, on normal mode at least.

Best of luck, and don't forget to post a screenshot if you're lucky enough to see it drop on your first attempts!
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Malthred said...

Very easy to solo as a Prot Pala in moderate gear.

Invisibillity potions are a must to skip the trash after the 1st boss, to speed up the mount farming process

FeliciaPeach said...

Rogues can easily solo this as well. Make sure you're using Leeching Poison; glyphed Feint is nice too. Blind/Sap the Earthshaper, 'kill' Millhouse, Vanish. Move to the next pack.
The only issue I've had is that sometimes the 2nd time you 'kill' Millhouse and Vanish, he respawns in that spot unless you clear the entire pack standing there. Not the least bit difficult to do at 90, though.
Happy Hunting!

Anonymous said...

You can skip the first boss and bypass the giants as they stop near the pointy stone "stalagmite" on the left i did this as a pali and no pots

Anonymous said...

Fastest Slabhide solo ever

Anonymous said...

Fastest Slabhide solo ever