Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Loot Hunters: Heroic Halls of Reflection Solo Farming - WoW Gold Guide

It's the third and final part of the Loot Hunters hunting for loot in the Icecrown Citadel 5-player instances. The last instance of these is a small disappointment loot wise, but at least it's more fun than the others, for some people at least. I can also start the next competition now!

halls of reflection solo farming
Halls of Loot? Or not.

In soviet Halls of Reflection, the mobs pull you
This instance is quite short, but the timed event during the first encounter makes this last for quite a bit, but at least there's no pulling required. All monsters will come to you!

wow gold guide
At least the Lich King's here!
This instance contains only 2 killable bosses and one miniboss. The last boss can't even be killed, so it's less gold and other drops for you, but at least Abyss Crystals are valuable if you have enchanting available. There's also no trash in this instance, besides the adds that spawn during the first and second encounter. Thankfully some of these can be looted and there's a bunch of them. If you're doing this in Heroic mode, these too can drop the fabled Battered Hilt.

However, these adds spawn so fast you don't even have time to loot them, so wait until the first boss is dead to save some time.

Battered Hilt is about the only reason you should visit this instance, and then too only in Heroic mode. If you're not geared enough to tackle this instance in heroic mode, then you should really farm somewhere else.

AOE looting will help in this instance too, so when the next patch is closer, I will be creating a compilation post of all instances that are super profitable to farm with AOE looting on. Stay tuned, the patch is not far away!
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