Saturday, August 18, 2012

Loot Hunters: Forge of Souls Heroic Solo Farming

Forge of Souls is one of the most profitable 5-player instances to farm, if not the most profitable. There's many ways to make gold here, but there's 3 main drops that will make you rich. If you were playing during the end of Wrath of the Lich King, you may already guess which at least one of these items is!

This gold tip is split in three parts, so stay tuned for the next part: The Pit of Saron.

Previous Loot Hunter Competition ends once this three-parter gold making tip is published fully, so you still have a few days to participate and win! The reward is Game Time Cards this time. (US & EU)

forge of souls solo farming heroic
Forge Of Souls is part of the three level 80 ICC instances, and is full of loot!

Heroic and normal mode farming available
Because Forge of Souls is a WOTLK instance, it's very easy to solo even in Heroic mode. Although there aren't that many differences this time around, and heroic mode can be cleared only once per day.

There's only one reason for heroic mode farming: Battered Hilt

Battered hilt drops in all three parts of the instance, and still sells for 20-50k these days, mainly because the questline it starts is epic and people are willing to pay to experience it.

Keep in mind that the drop rate for Battered Hilt is very low, even though it can drop from any trash in the instance.

battered hilt price solo farming
Battered Hilts still have a decent price tag.

Because it's a level 80 instance, there's little other differences in normal and heroic mode. You still see lots of gold and other items in both versions. So doing Forge of Souls in normal mode until you've reached the instance cap for the hour is very profitable.

Farming Frostweave Cloth and Abyss Crystals
Level 80 Wrath monsters always drop excellent loot. A single 80 elite can drop over 1 gold when killed, and up to 6 x Frostweave Cloth, more if you have tailoring. Frostweave Cloth is still very valuable, if not even more valuable than it was during Wrath.

On top of the Frostweave Cloth, bosses here drop epics. Epics of these levels always disenchant into Abyss Crystals. Sadly, there's only two bosses in this instance. To make even more gold as an enchanter, don't forget to shatter the abyss crystals!

Easy bosses, fast loot
In both modes the bosses here are very easy to kill, and require no tactics whatsoever. Although you may want to stop nuking during a certain phase in the last fight!

Bronjahm, the Godfather of Souls
This is the first boss in the instance. The fight is straight forward as a level 85 toon. Nuke it!

Devourer of Souls
Because this is the last boss in the instance, he drops more epics than the other. You can acquire multiple Abyss Crystals from this one, especially if you get double procs when disenchanting with the Bountiful Bags guild perk.

forge of sould entrance portal location
The entrance to Forge of Souls is located next to the Argent Crusade
banners on the side of Icecrown Citadel.

how to make gold
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Austacker said...

I do wonder how the gold drop nerf incoming soon will affect the feasability of farming these instances. Whilst the drops are good (especially if you're on an enchanter), I am always reluctant to spend a lot of time on RNG 'all or nothing' farming options.

You can farm for weeks and not see a single hilt (hence the price tag), so you have to assume it's a sweetener, and not the whole reason to being there.

That said, at this stage of the expac where everything is on wind down, it's hard to guage just how lucrative this exercise would be.

I get the feeling that Level 90s of pretty much any spec would carve through this place with AOE looting and the hilt might cop a hit in value because of it.

Unknown said...

The drop rate is like .17. No matter if we had millions of HP, it will keep its value. People can solo it now, but it isn't a farm item.