Monday, August 13, 2012

Easy gold with Winterspring Cubs - WoW Gold Guide

Most players are already aware of this tip, but in case you aren't, I might as well create a post about it. Winterspring Cubs have become a bit more profitable to sell recently on some realms, as people are moving on from the game and new players are not always aware of such pets. For some time now, there's no one selling these on my realm, allowing me to make silly amounts of profit. How's your realm?

winterspring cub farming
This gold making tip requires almost no time at all!
Image credit: Sabre's Den

No farming needed
This pet is a bit easier to obtain than most other pets. All you have to do is visit the vendor who sells this and relist it in the auction house. It's a bit more expensive than the average vendor sold pet, having a price tag of 50 gold without any discounts. The vendor is located in the inn of Everlook.

Location: Winterspring
NPC: Michelle De Rum
Sells: Winterspring Cub

winterspring cub location
Why so cute?
Depending on competition, I usually sell these for 300-1000g each. Surprisingly these sell almost always, as I keep only one for sale at a time, making them look more unique and harder to obtain. 

On a large realm it's likely that you have competition. Still, people rarely undercut to the point where there's no profit involved, so it should be profitable to sell these in any case.

Sadly, this is one of the items that you can't monopolize. If someone else is selling them for as little as 60g, there's no point buying them and listing for a more proper price. However, people usually give up after few sales and will not stock up again. Keep your eyes out! 

How to get to Winterspring?
Getting to Winterspring may be difficult for Alliance. But if you're Horde, it's a short flight from Orgrimmar. Druids have Moonglade teleport, but other people have to take a boat to Darnassus and fly from there. If you're in Dalaran, the portal to Tanaris works too, but it's a long flight from there! A level 80+ player with access to Hyjal portal gets there faster, though.

If you have engineering, there's the engineering exclusive Dimensional Ripper - Everlook
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SirFWALGMan said...

erm, the portal the Mt. Hyjal is very close too...

Kuja said...

Indeed, although you need to do open up Hyjal quest line first to use it.