Thursday, August 2, 2012

Deviate Hatchling Farming - WoW Gold Guide

There's still lots of pets in the game that I haven't mentioned. Some of these are VERY valuable, but the pet I'm gonna write about now, the Deviate Hatchling, is usually in the middle ground with each selling for 1000-3000g usually. However, on the Alliance auction house these can be double that!

deviate hatchling farming guide

Oh noes! It's Wailing Caverns
where to farm deviate hatchling
Deviate Hatchling pet can be farmed only in one place, the Wailing Caverns in Northern Barrens, Kalimdor. Like most pets that drop from monsters, this one too has a low 0.2% chance to drop. It can be dropped only by the raptors in this instance.

These raptors are Deviate Ravager and Deviate Guardian. These spawn close to the entrance so there's no point cleaning the whole instance. Simply take out the raptors, run out and reset. Keep in mind though that there's a limit of 5 instances per hour that you can do, as you will soon hit that cap here.

Thankfully you have more gold making opportunities just outside the instance, while waiting for the instance cap to lift!

My favourite one of these is Deviate Fishing, but Leaping Hatchling farming is also sweet, as it takes only a minute every time!

How to get to Wailing Caverns fast
On top of the non-existent drop rate it's a long trip to the instance for the Alliance, making most people drop the farming idea fast. This increases the price tag usually, as there's less available. That said, if you have toons on both sides, it may be wise to flip some if the price difference is enough for a bigger profit.

If you are Alliance and want to farm here, the fastest way to get there is by taking the boat from Stranglethorn Vale to Barrens, or alternatively the boat from Wetlands to Dustwallow Marsh. If you are in Dalaran, the portal to Tanaris is not a long way either.

deviate hatchling price check
Alliance Auction House
Deviate Hatchlings are usually more expensive here.

how to make gold
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Austacker said...

Don't forget to check the pools out the front of WC for the rare which drops a couple nice blues for a few extra bucks as well.

There are some decent low level transmogs that drop in WC, but nothing that really makes it worth farming them. I did the same thing going in, hitting reset after clearing the initial area and was lucky to get mine on the 4th run.

I think the 5 dungeons per hour limitation is really the big bottleneck here, but if you are doing this on a skinner, you can also clear the front of WC in between for low level skins to sell as well. Not much more you can do, but this farming session is good if you're doing something else with it like BGs or LFR - the queues and length of doing those events eats into your dungeon reset timer as well.

Anonymous said...

Deviate Scales and Perfect Deviate Scales are still nice to have, esp. if you have the pre-Shattering Patterns.

Kuja said...

That sounds correct. It may be worth it to do a Loot Hunters post and investigate the instance fully, unlike many would think.