Monday, August 27, 2012

Best farming locations with AOE looting

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria pre-patch 5.0.4 is almost here, and with it finally comes the AOE looting. Now that looting is gonna be much less time consuming, what instances and outdoor locations are absolutely the best for rounding up a large amount of valuable mobs, AOE them down and loot them with one click? Let's find out! Here's the best wow aoe looting spots.

best spots for aoe farming in wow
If you have AOE looting on, there's lots of wow gold to be made with huge pulls!

Soloing raids, dungeons and outdoor mobs
There are a lot of choices, but elite monsters always offer better loot than non-elites. That said, instances are a superior choice. The more players an instance requires, the better the loot will be. Out of all places, raids will be the most profitable to solo and AOE loot, but can't be reset easily.

Raids are mainly for level 80+ people, but some 5 player instances are also a gold mine, mainly because these can be farmed continuously with no downtime besides the hourly instance cap of 5.

Like always, to survive massive pulls, a tank spec or a tanky pet is recommended.

If a location does not have a link, then it doesn't have a wow gold making tip yet.



There are more, but I like these gold tips the most with AOE looting on. This list will get a second part once Mists of Pandaria is here and Cataclysm dungeons and raids can be soloed with 1-5 pulls.

Did I miss your favourite spot? Leave a comment below!

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Anonymous said...

For me personally, the lack of bagspace and hence having to (decide which) items (to) chuck is what slows down Looting the most.

I've partially 'solved' this by having another character on an other account on /follow, but frankly instead of AoE Looting I'd be much happier if they simply upped the stack number on Cloth and other Trade commodities.

When they were still in game, Bullets etc. stacked to 1000, many turn-in Items stack to 250, so upping the Stack number on Ore, Cloth, etc. to 100 should be entirely possible - and highly appreciated.

Sorry for the side-track, but I think that (lack of ) Bagspace will be a major issue with AoE Looting.

Anonymous said...

It's important to remember that gold dropped from enemies in raids and dungeons is being normalized:

"In Mists, we have a new system in place that normalizes gold yield based on the number of players involved in the kill. If a Black Temple enemy drops 100 gold today on live, and you kill it with a 25-player raid group in Mists, it'll also drop 100 gold and each player will get 4 gold. If you solo Black Temple, that enemy will also give you 4 gold. If you do it with 4 friends, it'll drop 20 gold and each of you will get 4."

Austacker said...

Worth noting though that the idea of pulling a lot in one go is really the domain only of tanking type classes. Try and pull even low level instances enmasse' with a DPS and you'll probably get nuked.

Kuja said...


Excellent point. Although casters with heavy dps can kite and nuke big groups quite easily, if level difference is enough.


Yes, that will be an issue. Thankfully the bag size will increase again when MOP is released. Though they better get rid of that 16 slot starter bag!


As far as I know, that only affects boss kills. Most heroic mobs drop about 1 gold coins, hopefully that will remain as it is. Still, main income will be cloth most of the time.

Táborszki Bálint said...

As a goblin you can summon a portable bank, and with the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth you can sell the grey items, or with engineering, you can summon a mailbox for example. these spells can massively increase your free slots.

Rotten said...

And do not forget this, coming with the patch:

All Justice and Honor points that exceed the 4000 point caps will be converted to gold at the rate of 35 silver per Honor point and 47 silver per Justice point.

Atlantez said...

There are quite some nice nifty addons that serve as a loot filter, so if your goal is to do a certain instance for just "X Cloth" and money, you can add that to the lootfilter and with AE looting enabled this will be great since you would only be getting stacks of cloth and no whites or grays.

If the instance you are doing provides with decent vendor value greens/blues you can also modify the filter to allow those to drop additionally to your whitelist.

Try it out, I can't wait!

Tyse said...

You can also use the guild page or guild herald as you can sell stuff to them and they are quite a lot cheaper than travelers tundra mammoth.

Wetjuiceboxx said...

I will tell you that gold on mobs in dungeons is crap as well. Pulled a lot of mobs in Hellfire ramps and I only got 1g from 7+

Gus said...

AoE Loot is amazing, I've managed to make 5-10k in just a hour depending on my luck I am on a low pop server though, but I did put out 2 video guides check out my gold making blog to watch the video guides!

Has anyone actually found a instance worth running? At most Ive been able to get is a couple hundred gold in a hour doing instances.