Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Solo farming getting killed in MOP - WoW Gold Guide

There's some sad changes coming with Mists of Pandaria. Perhaps the biggest one of them is all the gold drops from raids getting nerfed to the ground. Nerfing gold drops from instances like Karazhan  and Molten Core was not enough. They're taking it even further!

Soon every raid boss will be dropping only 4 gold, no matter if it's Lucifron or Deathwing itself who's being looted, if you're alone in the group that is.

Take an example!
Clear Naxxramas (10) today, you loot roughly 3000 gold from the bosses there.
Clear Naxxramas(10) when MOP is live, you loot 60 gold from the bosses there.

That doesn't even cover repair bills for some people, sadly.

More information and negative feedback can be found in the blue post:

If you disagree with the change, don't forget to reply to that thread, or create your own!

There's still time to hit the gold cap!
Because MOP is still 1-3 months away, there's still time to farm stuff! Later on, I will create a post that lists all of the raids that are a gold mine currently. In the meanwhile, click on "Instance Farming" label on the gold making categories.
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Austacker said...

Whilst the gold drops from bosses are getting hit hard, let's not forget that AOE looting will probably make up for it in GPH from mobs. Ramps springs immediately to mind where you can zone in, pull 3/4 of the instance at the entrance - loot with one click, walk 10 feet out the front door and reset. 5 runs of that would take you about 15 minutes and I have no doubt the GPH would be very satisfactory indeed.

If anything, this actually might discourage farming of instances in the future for gold and thus create less competition in the market for drops as well (as the content isn't being farmed).

For the instance farmer who is persistent and adaptable, this change might actually work out to be a positive, rather than a negative.

Kuja said...

That's an excellent point! It's just that if you want to make gold with trash mobs, you have to sell stuff, and my banker has too many auctions already. But if the stuff is hot, like cloth, then why not.

Heroic trash drops about one gold though, but then there's the lockout.

Anonymous said...

I do believe those gold nerfs are outrageous. Blizzard has been telling us to go explore old content and do old raids, but who is going to do old raids for 4g a boss? Absolutely ridiculous.

Btw i love your guides! I havent stockpiled any gold for MoP but my druid is 525herb/525xmute alch and i can't seem to ever really turn a profit. For the launch of MoP would you suggest that i powerlevel alchemy with my own mats to get a headstart on living steel and gem transmutes, or just farm nodes while respawn rates are through the roof? I hope you reply :P

Kuja said...

There's one fail proof way to become rich when a new expansion is coming. Do a little bit of everything, as long as you have professions or other requirements for them!

I prefer Jewelcrafting myself. Even when the ores have outrageous prices, the gems that I get from prospecting them make many times more, be it from pure gems, accessories or enchant mats.

Mining and herbing is excellent too. Making 50-100k on the first day is not unheard of.

As for alchemy, I have no tips currently, but new trasmutes are a killer always.