Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Selling pets and mounts, with huge profit! - WoW Gold Guide

I stumbled upon a unique gold making tip some weeks ago. It has made me over 45k gold profit this week alone, and the best part is it requires almost no time at all to perform and I've been the only one doing this on my realm. No grinding is required either. However, you're gonna need some starting gold, but not a lot of it!

wow pet locations
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Gift selling service
This method is extremely simple, so anyone can do it, as long as you have some pets around. However, this might be against the TOS, but I haven't received any messages from a GM. Although I do this in moderation and my gift boxes are cheap so people don't get disappointed usually. Also, I don't spam the trade chat but use say instead.

The goal is to sell gift boxes that contain a pet, or perhaps a mount. Depending on what kind of items you are wrapping into the boxes, you must choose a price for a box. If you create 40 boxes and one contains a Disgusting Oozeling for example and rest of them are cheap pets, I'd sell them for 350-500 gold each.

If one contains a Swift Lovebird for example, you should sell them for about 800 gold each. Take note though that the more expensive your gifts are, the more disappointed people will be if they don't obtain the best gift, and may even report you for scamming even if you're playing it fair.

That said, don't lie to people by saying one can contain a Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger and each gift costs only 50g.

Always make sure a gift contains what you're advertising, as often one person buys all of the gifts, thinking they can make profit from it.

You can also spice it up and add other goodies besides pets and mounts, although some items cannot be wrapped into gifts.

To create gifts, you need to buy wrapping paper from General Goods NPCs, such as Red Ribboned Wrapping Paper. There's also blue, green and purple wrapping papers available, but most of them are sold during certain holiday events only.

To see the nearest vendor, click on the item and see who sells it.

How to get pets and mounts
Your best bet for cheap pets is this huge map that contains most of the pets in WoW, besides Outland. There's more pets waiting for you in the Stormspire, Netherstorm. There's more pets in the Auction House as well.

As for mounts, you should buy them from the Auction House. Even if you buy a 50k mount, you will most likely make 100k from selling the gifts if the price is high. 

Useful selling macros
Here's some macros to get you started. Edit them to your liking and make them look unique, or create your own. Remember to add clickable links to them so people notice them better.

/2 {star} WTS 50 Gift Boxes {star} One of them contains a {star} [Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)] {star} rest of them have all kinds of other pets! 500g each.

/say {star} Mounts and Pets for sale! {star} Buy a Gift Box and try your luck at getting a new mount! {star} All gifts contain a pet or a mount. {star}
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Snobahr said...

Per http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/scam-policy - this might be considered a scam. There was some major kerfluffle several years ago regarding giftwrapped items, but it was through the in-game mail/C.O.D. usage.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know, on EU Realms this is verboten, as it is seen as gambling and in many countries only the State may innitiate schemse nvolving 'Stupid Tax'

Wether or not it is allowed in the States I do not know.

Kuja said...

I figured as much. Then again, selling gifts saying "Each gift contains a pet or a mount surprise" still gets sales and is not against any rule afaik.

Anonymous said...

So...what happens when they win the rare item?

Kuja said...

They are happy and will buy more from you if you sell an another batch of gifts.

The point is, even if someone buys the gift with the jackpot, you are still making profit.

Yourmouse1 said...

There is away to get around the scam policy... what i have done is ive combined this and the dragonhawk guide to make the ultimate profit. what you do is you make a macro saying your selling pets. and what ive done is said for EVERY 3RD BOX SOLD There is a pet that costs 500-700 on the AH (which is the Dragonhawk pet) This way you are no longer scamming the person since youve told them that every 3RD box is the pet.

Anonymous said...

How do you know which order to sell the presents in ? Like if they buy the mount/pet first then you are making no profit cos no one will buy the other ones and if you sell it last them people will report you or scamming.

Kuja said...

I've just randomly picked the gifts. Could also ask the customer to choose by filling the trade window with gifts. There aren't that many of them usually so no one is calling me anything.