Monday, July 23, 2012

Jaggal Pearl Farming - WoW Gold Guide

Pearls can make some huge profit, even on realms where there's bots farming them. Jaggal Pearls are needed by Jewelcrafters who are leveling past 300 skill points, so they are ready to pay for those skill ups. Jaggal Pearls going for 100g each is not unheard of!

The Steamvault
Clearing The Steamvault once results in 2-6 Jaggal Pearls usually.

Obtained from Clams and Loot Bags
Much like the previously mentioned Gold and Black Pearls, these too are obtained from Clams. This time from Jaggal Clams with roughly the same, low drop rate. They are obtained from Outland creatures only, and the Bag of Fishing Treasures. They can also be fished in Isle of Quel'Danas.

Jaggal Clams are dropping from Naga and Bogstroks mostly. This means two instances are an excellent source for them: The Steamvault and Slave Pens, both in Zangarmarsh.

Jaggal Clams may also contain Shadow Pearls. These are not that valuable usually, though.

Because Jaggal Pearls are quite slow to obtain, it's possible to sell them for even 100-200g each, unless your realm is populated by bots or too many other players farming the same thing. That does not necessarily mean less profit though. For example, on my realm there was this one person selling over hundred Jaggal Pearls, for 9g ish each. I bought them all and relisted for about 80g each. Not even 12 hours went past before 10 sold. A few more popped up and they were 9g also. I bought them too. If they were 79g instead, heavy undercutting would have begun.

So competing with botters is not always a good idea, even if it means profit. Most of the time it's better to farm something else if you are expecting to be undercut.

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Austacker said...

I think you might be reaching on this one bud. Looking at the overall TUJ data would imply the average for Jaggal Pearls are under 10g each and granted, you might be able to buy out and relist for assumed profit, but considering farming these items is only a question of time and not profession, anyone can effectively go out and farm to undercut you.

100 odd pearls from a farmer implies supply is readily available and whilst you can play the short term market for a 1000% markup, how long can you exploit that market before the bot you bought out goes and farms another 100 x 9g pearls to undercut you?

Is the market turn over honestly high enough to meet this demand?

Buying 100 pearls out for relisting might just encourage your existing bot too.

Anonymous said...

i think i have to agree that this one isnt going to yield much profit...on my server these go for about 7-10g on average and TUJ lists them at that price on most servers. This one doesnt seem worth the farming time...

Kuja said...

If there's lots of Jaggal and Shadow Pearls available, then it's indeed a bad idea to use this method. Even monopolizing them may prove difficult.

However, if there's only like 3-10 for sale for 5-9g each everytime you take a look at the auction house, then there's potential!