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How to get Mechanical Chickens - WoW Gold Guide

There's lots of pets left that I haven't mentioned yet. This one is a little bit more special, too. Mechanical Chicken is a reward from a longer quest line so there's lots of players who simply don't bother with it. This makes Mechanical Chicken sell for more than Disgusting Oozelings on many realms.

selling mechanical chickens for gold
Instances are your best source for Distress Beacons, required for the Mechanical Chicken pet.

Where to get Mechanical Chickens?
The way to obtain a Mechanical Chicken is very simple, yet time consuming. Although not as time consuming as farming Oozelings or Gundrak Raptors.

Mechanical Chicken is the final reward from the An OOX of Your Own quest. You will get that quest once you've done the following quests.
  1. Find OOX-17/TN! (Tanaris)
  2. Find OOX-09/HL! (Hinterlands)
  3. Find OOX-22/FE! (Feralas)
where to farm mechanical chickenAll of these quests are obtained from a specific zone. The quest starting item itself drops from any monster in the said zone. For example, clearing Zul'Farrak instance in Tanaris will always give you the OOX-17/TN Distress Beacon which starts the Tanaris quest, usually by the time you've cleared the bug room.

Once you've found a distress beacon and accepted the quest it provides, you have to escort a robot chicken a short distance. To see where the chicken is located, simply open your zone map or click a link provided above.

Once you've returned all 3 quests to Oglethorpe Obnoticus in Booty Bay, you will get your own Mechanical Chicken.

Note that you can get only one Mechanical Chicken per toon. If you have many alts, you can make some nice gold! Just don't list more than one Mechanical Chicken at a time if selling in the auction house. If there's 5 chickens for sale by one person, a potential buyer will notice that it's easy to obtain and may not buy it.

mechanical chicken gold guide
Mechanical Chicken is usually one of the most valuable pets in the AH.
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Desade said...

If you have learned it on any alt you can use all the rest to sell on the AH.
MoP shared pets coming soon and this one does get shared as well !