Saturday, July 28, 2012

Best way to make Illusion Dust - Tailoring Gold Guide

Tailoring gold tips have been requested a lot lately, so here's one for you! This one in particular is interesting as it involves Illusion Dust, which has been super valuable for as long as I can remember. These days they even go for 25g a piece on some realms - all the time. Here's how you can make lots of Illusion Dust with Tailoring + Enchanting. No killing needed!

easy fast illusion dust tailoring

Lots of disenchanting required
There are quite a few tailoring made items in the game that disenchant into Illusion Dust, and there are 3 choices that have the best results. Keep in mind that guild perks and goblins have discounts on items such as Rune Thread. These aren't included in this article. The disenchant results are with the Bountiful Bags guild perk, however.

illusion dust with tailoring
Illusion Dust
Illusion Dust is one of the more expensive
enchant mats.
Runecloth Headband
Disenchants into
Tailoring: 295
Enchanting: 200

This is the most famous of the craftables. One headband requires 24 x Runecloth. Rune Threads are obtained from a vendor and cost 50 silver each.

Runecloth Pants
Disenchants into
Tailoring: 285
Enchanting: 200

Runecloth Pants are almost the same, but require 4 Runecloth and 1 Rune Thread less. In exchange, you need 2 Ironweb Spider Silk. Depending on the price of it, this item may be even more profitable to make. However, these provide a little bit less enchant mats. Still, the profit is there.

Frostweave Pants
Disenchants into
Tailoring: 280
Enchanting: 200

This is almost identical with the Runecloth Headband. Instead of requiring 24 runecloth and 1 gold worth of Rune Threads, you need only to spend 50 silver on the Rune Thread and 40 copper on the Blue Dyes. The disenchant results aren't noticeable from my experience, so you'll save roughly 50 silver from each.
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Unknown said...

Careful man. You are presenting the disenchanting results incorrectly, as you are forgetting the bountiful bags guild perk.

The d/e stats you are showing are only the correct breakdowns if your are in a guild that has unlocked bountifull bags.
So instead of 1-6/1-6/1-2 the results are actually 1-3/1-3/1 on d/e totals but have a chance of the BB proc to end up with more mats.

Using the data correctly, you left out the best item to d/e from tailoring for GEEs and Illusion Dust: Wizardweave Turban - (2-4/2-3/1) so keep an eye put for cheap Star Rubies.

Kuja said...

I knew I forgot something! Yes, Bountiful Bags perk is involved in the results.

But this method was tested without the guild perk, and the profit was in thousands even without it.

As for the turbans, the star rubies and dream dust is is more valuable than the few additional dusts you MAY get, at least on my realm.