Friday, June 15, 2012

Where to farm Wildvine? - Herbalism Gold Guide

Deathwing hates flowers. One of these flower types, the Purple Lotuses had a chance of giving a Wildvine when harvested. But since the Purple Lotus nodes have disappeared from most maps, where can one farm these super expensive herbs these days?

where to farm purple lotus
One of the few zones untouched by Cataclysm

Only one zone contains Purple Lotuses!
Deathwing missed a zone. This zone is Felwood in Kalimdor. It has 5 clusters of Purple Lotus nodes remaining. Each of these clusters contain 4-11 spawn points for Purple Lotus. However, only 1-3 Purple Lotuses spawn per cluster usually.

wildvine and purple lotus spawn points
Purple Lotus spawn points are next to ruins.
Their respawn time varies, but is not many minutes. By the time you've reached the last cluster, the Purple Lotuses in the first cluster has already respawned.

Keep in mind that Wildvine's drop rate is only 10%, so you usually get to loot Wildvines twice per circle.

A single Purple Lotus can contain the following:
How valuable are Wildvines?
Wildvine's price changes a lot between realms, but on the 3 realms I play on, they are selling for 100-150 gold each. Not bad I would say!
Purple Lotuses on the other hand have an average price of 2-5g each since their spawn points are so limited.

farming wildvine and purple lotus
Wildvine Farming
You can usually find a Wildvine from every
10th Purple Lotus, but RNG can be a bitch.
There's also lots of Gromsblood spawning in Felwood. These sell quite nicely on most realms, so pick them up too or you will have to wait for Purple Lotus spawns.

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