Monday, June 11, 2012

Transmogrification Gold Making - Part 2 - WoW Gold Guide

Let's start the week with an excellent gold making tip! Unlike Part 1 of the Transmogrification gold making, all of the items listed in this post are exceptionally revealing on on female toons, making them sell for anywhere between 4000-12000 gold on most realms. While they are worthless stat wise, people interested in playing half-naked are ready to pay!

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Where to farm the Vanguard set?
Because these too are green items, it's hard to farm them if you don't know where to do it. Sadly, the Vanguard greenies are well known so you can't auction house farm them either. Thankfully there's a few good spots where you can kill a lot of monsters that can drop these! Even though the drop rate for these are 0.09% ish, if you kill enough monsters, the rate equals to 100% sooner than you would think.
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Vanguard set

Vanguard Set
Where to farm 
  • Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj (Silithus)
  • Temple of Ahn'Qiraj (Silithus)
  • Alcaz Island (Dustwallow Marsh)
These drop from all trash mobs, so no need to kill any bosses. In fact it's best if you avoid all bosses so you can soft reset the instances when you've taken the trash out. This is done by leaving the instance for 10-30 minutes, making trash to respawn.

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Vanguard items are valuable
If your auction house does not look like this, then make it so!
A gold tip on what to do while waiting for AQ to reset coming up next!

Over 500 kills in 10 minutes!
I will post 2-4 more transmog gold tips in the coming days and after that I will reveal my favourite speed farming spot that can drop all of the items for 5 different sets! It's possible to kill over 500 monsters in 10 minutes, all having a small chance of dropping a green item worth up to 10k, so stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

You can reset an instance a lot faster than that by just going outside, right-clicking your portrait and choosing the option to reset your instances.

Kuja said...

That didn't work for me. I cleared AQ 20 and 40 trash, but only 40 got resetted. Didn't mind as Silithus has lots of other ways to make gold as well, if not even better D:

Anonymous said...

Maybe it doesn't work in AQ because they're raids, then.

Anonymous said...

I've been able to reset the raid trash just fine by running out and then clicking the reset instance button.

BTW, I'm curious to know where it is you can manage 500 kills in 10 minutes. AQ20 seems to be the best place I've found so far.