Monday, June 18, 2012

Razzashi Hatchling Farming - WoW Gold Guide

Pets are always an easy way to make lots of gold in world of warcraft. Some of these pets are however more difficult to capture, including the Razzashi Hatchling. But that only means one thing. It will also sell for thousands of gold everytime!

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The Cape of Stranglethorn
There are more instant respawns to take advantage of!

Razzashi Hatchling drops from mobs and loot bags
Razzashi Hatchling is like the Gundrak Hatchling that I posted previously. It technically drops from one zone only, Northern Stranglethorn and The Cape of Stranglethorn.

It's highest recorded drop rate is 0.07% like most rare pets have, so prepare for a decent grindfest!

Thankfully all mobs in STV are level 24-35, so you can kill a LOT of them at higher levels. That also means a lower level player can farm Razzashi Hatchlings and make a nice amount of starting gold.

This pet can also be looted from the Satchel of Exotic Mysteries

Here's the top-7 killed mobs that have a chance of dropping this pet. Most killed mobs means usually that there's a lot of them to kill or fast respawns.

  1. Crystal Spine Basilisk
  2. Lashtail Raptor 
  3. Ironjaw Basilisk 
  4. Elder Mistvale Gorilla 
  5. Kurzen Medicine Man 
  6. Jungle Stalker 
  7. Kurzen Jungle Fighter
And here's the top-3 mobs that have the highest recorded drop rate for Razzashi Hatchling.
  1. Venture Co. Miner
  2. Foreman Cozzle
  3. High Priestess Hai'watna

Another instant respawn spot!
There's also a spot in STV that has instant respawn mobs in it. There seems to be a small area that has always a set amount of pirates in it, so as you clear the area, more pirates start to spawn as you are killing the last remaining ones.

It's the spot next to Hardwrench Hideaway like seen on the picture below. Sometimes it takes a while for them to respawn, but it would seem they have then spawned in the other spot as seen on the picture. A good idea is to take a friend with you can camp the 2 spots so there's always instant respawns without the need to move.

wow gold guide
The Cape of Stranglethorn
Dot equals pirates!

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Coreus said...

"Pets are always an easy way to make lots of gold"

I suppose you are correct that killing 1500 level 30 mobs is easy enough.

Are you familiar with the concept of opportunity cost?

Kuja said...

I wasnt' talking about Razzashi Hatchling in specific, but all pets.

Visiting pet vendors around Azeroth and beyond, purchasing pets for a few gold and listing them in the AH for 1000% profit is easy in my book.

They just sell like crazy usually, but some, like this can be more difficult to obtain.