Friday, June 29, 2012

Loot Hunters: Soloing Naxxramas - 8400 gold in 1½ hours

Let's solo some WOTLK raids for a change. It's the end of Cataclysm and your ilvl is at it's peak or at least close to it. With high item level, previous raids, even WOTLK ones become easy as pie to solo. Naxxramas is the starting raid instance in Northrend so might as well start there. It's literally a gold mine! From this run I received 5622 gold even though I skipped 7 bosses. It took only about an hour too.

Note: Gold Drops inside instances were nerfed in patch 5.0

wow gold guide solo naxxramas
This run was done on the 10 player difficulty. More loot awaits in the 25 player one!

Solo farming Abyss Crystals in Naxxramas
Usually it's more profitable to focus on trash farming, but in Northrend it's likely you're getting more gold from bosses. Naxxramas bosses drop about 160 gold each, and there's 15 bosses. On top of that all bosses drop 2-3 pieces of epic loot. These epics disenchant into 1-2 Abyss Crystals. Currently Abyss Crystals sell for over 100g on my realm, so there's huge profit. Make sure you have enchanting!

wow gold making guide
Some of the bosses may still
beat you!
If Abyss Crystals are worthless on your realm, you can make even more gold by Shattering them. You can read about shattering Abyss Crystals in this post. It's an old article so it looks a bit messy.

All of the bosses are easy to solo, but there are a few exceptions. Patchwerk & Razuvious. These bosses hit like a truck still, so if you don't have good gear or have the wrong class, you will get your ass handed to you most likely. These bosses are not skippable either even though I've heard rumors you can, but without getting to loot them.

If anyone knows how to do that, leave a comment!

Trash mobs drop gold too!
I cleared most of the trash while here. All monsters often drop over 1 gold, even bats and grubs. This quickly adds to the total amount of gold you've obtained. On top of the gold, spiders also drop Iceweb Spider Silk, which is valuable on some realms.

naxxramas solo farming
Naxxramas' location
Naxxramas floats in Dragonblight, next to Grizzly Hills.
You will also find lots of Frostweave, Greenies, Vendor trash, BOE Epics and if you're lucky, Books of Glyph Mastery as well.

Since there's 15 bosses and they are designed for 10 players, it will take at least a hour to clear the place. Even more most likely because the looting takes a LONG time without AOE looting.

How to enter a raid alone
While it would be faster to invite some random player, I prefer this method as you don't need to rely on anybody else. If you play during odd hours, it might be impossible to find someone you could abuse or you might even get kicked out of the instance if the other user leaves the group and you get a dc.

It's quite simple:
  1. Enter account management
  2. Create a new trial account under the same account
  3. When you login, you get to choose which WoW account you log into
  4. Log into your new account (wow2), create a toon and paste the following into the chat
    /run SetAllowLowLevelRaid(true)
  5. Open a new WoW window and login onto your main account (wow1)
  6. Invite your slave character into a group and convert into a raid!
  7. Close the other window and start raiding!
Where's the loot?
I did this run with my instance farmer Death Knight with poop dps gear and tank spec, so I was not able to get past Patchwerk or Razuvious, making the loot list lack the loot from 7 bosses. I killed most of the trash in those quarters though.

Looted the following:
  • 1625 gold from bosses and greys
  • 39 x Iceweb Spider Silk - 9g each
  • 15 x Greenies = 56 x Infinite Dust, 8 x Cosmic Essence, 1 x Dream Shard - 718g
  • 1 x BOE Epic - 150g
  • 15 x Epics = 17 x Abyss Crystal - 1852g
  • 167 x Frostweave Cloth - 528g
  • 2 x Book of Glyph Mastery - 398g
Grand total: 5622 gold

The total sum does not include tier tokens as they can be worth 5g or 100g, depending on if it's a token for your class so you can exchange it and disenchant. Also keep in mind that it took a few days to sell all of the loot and all prices are from my realm only, so take them only as reference.

Wtf is Loot Hunters?
Loot Hunters is an exclusive wow gold guide that always focuses on instance farming alone, SOLO. Click on the Loot Hunters category link on the left to see more profitable instances to farm for gold!

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Anonymous said...

You can actually bypass Raz using a potion of invisibility

Kuja said...

Thanks for the tip. Have to try it out. Didn't even notice if there's a gate blocking the way. At least Patch needs to be killed before the gate next to him opens.

Ozonekiller said...

Nice tip! Let me share what I do to self-raid without a second account. 1. Invite a friend.
2. Form the raid.
3. Pass RL to friend.
4. Log an alt. This can be an enchanter if your main is not. Have your friend invite your alt.
5. Log back into your main.
6. After passing RL back to you, your friend can leave the group.

Ashief said...

Just curious Kuja...

I'm a feral full Cataclysmic PVP gear (225kish HP/40% dodge).

Should I be able to Steamroll into there and solo it?

I'm not sure what class you used, but it sounds like I should not have any issues based off what you are saying.

Also have you considered doing Sartharion?

Kuja said...

You should be fine, especially with a tank spec.

I did that run with a death knight with only about 155k hp and no tank gear, and only 2 bosses proved difficult. But even then I managed to get them to about 20-30%.

Ashief said...

Yea... I'm full PVP tank, and have a PVE set ~200kish HP (not nearly as good as my PVP tank set).

Sounds like I should have no problem destroying the place.

I'll run it tonight, and let you know what I get out of it.

Anonymous said...

I have a frost DK with 175 ilvl and does at least 15k dpd and only has 134k health will I be able to solo?

Kuja said...

175 ilvl is poop. Naxxramas itself drops 200-213 ilvl items so there's no chance.

Also 134k hp is quite little and you will need heals, lots of them. I don't think you can afford using death strike either.

Better to switch to your blood spec instead once you're level 85 and have bought the ilvl 377 pvp set from the auction house.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant to put 375ilvl not 175

Anonymous said...

Do I need to study up on the fights? I'm a well geared Pally Tank just haven't been in there in awhile. Or can I just bulldoze through?

Anonymous said...


I'm a ilvl 387 Pally Tank. I haven't been in Naxx forever. Should I study up on the fights or just bulldoze through?

Kuja said...

You should be more than fine! I watched an another pally tank solo it and she was in worse gear than you. Some HP spiking there and there, but you have lots of heals.

Táborszki Bálint said...

Am i need to have enchant, or can i disenchant items with the group loot?

Táborszki Bálint said...

do i really need an enchanter? the group loot's disenchant function is not good?

Anonymous said...

The golddrops from mobs in instances have changed. From my calculatins it doesnt matter if ur alone anymore. Both bosses and trash drop gold like You were in a full raid. 10 man raid You get 1/10 of the boss drop, 25 man raid 1/25 of the drop and so on. This counts for dungeons too, at least Pit of Saron that used to be my favourite farmspot. You get 1/5 as if You were in a 5 man group. PoS is still good just for all the greens and the possibility to get a battered hilt. Hilts sell for 20-25k now :)