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Loot Hunters: Heroic Mana-Tombs Solo Farming

There's still lots of quality loot to be found in older instances as well, especially those from The Burning Crusade! Mana-Tombs stands out from the rest as it's filled with humanoid mobs, just like Shattered Halls and few others. Heroic humanoids drop cloth and even gold coins sometimes, and in Mana-Tombs they drop something entirely different! It's time to hunt more loot!

Mana-Tombs offer valuable loot that you don't see elsewhere!

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I prefer farming Mana-Tombs in particular because it offers an almost unique drop. This same item drops in Netherstorm and The Arcatraz mainly. Can you guess what it is?

It's the Ethereum Prison Key!

It offers reputation for most TBC factions (Mainly Consortium) and loot, which can sometimes be sold for even transmogrification purposes. However, there's more gold to be made if you sell these keys instead and create an unique barking macro for it. More on that and Ethereum Prison Keys in general coming up next week or so. For now, let's focus on the other loot from Mana-Tombs!

Note: Before you can loot Ethereum Prison Keys, you must have done A Mission of Mercy quest in Netherstorm.

Because 90% of the monsters in this dungeon are humanoid, you will be getting a LOT of gold just from the drops. A heroic lvl 70 humanoid drops between 20 silver and 1 gold always, and there's a lot of them.

On top of that they drop Netherweave Cloth. It's inexpensive in the auction house, but it can be turned into Netherweave Bags for easy profits. A Netherweave Bag sells for even 50 gold sometimes and requires only a stack of cloth.

And last, but not least, there will be lots of level 70 greenies dropping. Some of these can be sold for thousands of gold because they offer exceptional looks that catches the eye of any transmogger. That said, always CTRL-click every greenie before you choose to disenchant it.

And to list the loot that you will obtain:
What level must I be?
The level requirement for the instance depends on your skill and gear. The heroic version of Mana-Tombs is designed for 5 level 70 players. If you have Cataclysm greenies on you, it's easy as pie to solo as any class or spec.

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Terokkar Forest, Outland
The entrance to Mana-Tombs is the north most instance in Auchindoun.

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