Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Loot Hunters: Farming Lower Blackrock Spire

It's time for yet another Loot Hunters post! Most of the endgame vanilla trade goods are unusually expensive these days, so why not go farming a level 60 instance, like now! Blackrock Spire is a huge instance filled with loot, so it's separated into 2 parts. Upper and Lower Blackrock Spire. I will be writing about the Lower part today.

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Lower Blackrock Spire
Did you know that you can find loot worth over 30k gold here?

Lots of different ways to make gold!
Blackrock Spire is located inside the Blackrock Mountain in Searing Gorge. It's entrance can be found on the balcony if you turn left when you're inside the mountain and came from Searing Gorge. For a picture, visit the post that is linked below.

There's lots of things to do in LBRS, and I've mentioned it previously too in this ancient LBRS Treasure Hunt post. This time I will go into further details on how to make gold in Lower Blackrock Spire. To take the right path, turn right. The left path takes you to Upper BRS.

Like always, one of your best sources for gold is the trash. So when you go farming LBRS, don't skip any trash. Level 59 elites have a better chance of dropping greenies, and at these levels the greenies disenchant into Greater Eternal Essences and Illusion Dust.

Treasure Hunting!
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Large Mithril Bound Chest
First, there's the treasure chests that can be your main source for gold if you can open them. Sadly, they are locked most of the time. To open a treasure chest, you need engineering with seaforium bombs, blacksmithing with skeleton keys or be a rogue.

A Large Mithril Bound Chest needs 250 lockpicking, so make sure your skeleton keys or bombs have enough power in them if you're not a rogue.

There's usually 3-4 chests in LBRS and they're all easy to spot if you're familiar with the instance. These are old school chests and does not contain only blue quality items, but give greenies instead and also have a decent chance of giving valuable recipes or even epics like Plans: Lionheart Helm

Arcanite Reaper! HOOO!
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Bannok Grimaxe
There's the famous rare orc, Bannok Grimaxe in these parts of the instance as well. He spawns usually by a 60% chance when you reset the instance and is always located in the lower parts of the instance, next to the lava river and the orc tents.

He has a decent chance of dropping
  Plans: Arcanite Reaper

It's BOE so there's gold to be made selling it. You can also learn it and craft Arcanite Reapers, but I'm not sure how well Arcanite Reapers sell these days as I've yet to see one in the Auction House. The mats aren't exactly cheap either.

Robe of The Archmage
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Firebrand Pyromancer
There are a couple of Firebrand Pyromancers just past the tents, but before Mother Smolderweb boss. These have a small chance of dropping
the Pattern: Robe of the Archmage

It's BOE as well, so that's yet another gold pile for you! 

They usually drop a Recipe: Greater Fire Protection Potion too, but it's hard to sell and is not very valuable.

A single run can make thousands of gold if you can open all the treasure chests and have enchanting with you so you can DE all the loot. The more rare items, like epic recipes can sell for 10-30k gold easily, so your gold per hour is impossible to predict.

Here's my loot from a single run which took about 24 minutes with a level 70 alt. A level 85 can clear the instance much faster, although looting is the time consuming part with no AOE looting (Yet).

252 x Runecloth
12 x Greater Eternal Essence
15 x Illusion Dust
13 x Large Brilliant Shard
1 x Valuable Transmog Green
1 x Seven of Elementals
2 x Traveler's Backpack
5 x Shadow Silk
4 x Gems
86 Gold (Includes vendor crap)
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Anonymous said...

Skullflame shield can also drop in here. I found one and Unloaded it for 30k on my server. Great xmorg items come from here as well.

Austacker said...

Many of the old world instances and raids are very profitable for farming, especially if you do it on an enchanter or dabble in the transmog markets.

It's very relaxing too (you can chat or watch TV and grind at the same time) and on a high level toon never have to worry about being killed, ganked or have your goodies stolen.

Especially at the end of an expansion where gold isn't being sunk into advancing content (like high level PvE items, flasks, food, gems and enchants) hitting the lower level stuff for vanity items and suppling gear to people levelling alts is quite profitable.

LBRS remains one of my favourite runs to while away a couple hours, specially on my instance farming toon (prot pally with enchant/tailoring)

Lots of fun!