Thursday, June 14, 2012

Best place for Glorious and Exalted transmog farming and the best Stranglekelp farming spot

There's 2 new wow gold tips today! First tip is Stranglekelp farming for mainly Death Knights and Druid herbalists, or anyone who has a ton of waterwalking potions. The second tip is too good to be posted here so it's in the elite section on the forum. It has made me over 15k gold after 60 minutes of farming. But with Stranglekelps selling for silly amounts currently here, it's not bad either!

stranglekelp instant respawn
Stranglekelp is one of the most valuable herbs and sells surprisingly fast!
Level 60 elites have the highest chance of dropping Exalted, Glorious and Vanguard sets.

Stranglekelp & Elite farming
To get the new forum going on, I've posted both of the tips there instead. No registration needed, unless you want to comment or post a gold tip of your own and become a Gold Guru!

Stranglekelp farming:

Best place for Glorious and Exalted transmog farming

Next 3 gold tips will be posted here in this blog instead.

Have fun!
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Greygamer said...

Ahem ... I would suggest 1k needles as the best spot 8-9 stacks in around 40 minutes provided you have the diving helm from the first quest you do there. This allows you to ride on the bed of the lake.
Great spot for mithril if you have mining as well.

Kuja said...

I haven't done that quest myself so I prefer the shallow waters of Westfall instead myself :) It's next to alliance capital aswell so it's a quick trip to AH and back.

sokol said...

Why is this gold tip restricted. I logged in to the site and still nothing. Looks like I have to look somewhere else for gold tips...

Kuja said...


Stranglekelp farming tip is not restricted. Although unregistered persons can't see pictures in the thread. I haven't had the chance to allow guests to view them too.

The second tip is a bonus method. I never post 2 gold tips in a day so this is for the elites only. If blizzard was aware of this tip, it would be nerfed within a day. Hopefully no blizzard employee has access to the elite section.

Anonymous said...

Follow your stuff on and off. Always suggest caution if something is to good to be true. Exploiting an feature or mechanic of the game not intended to work the way it is can be against the TOS. Sorry fore bad English.

Kuja said...

I don't think it's exploiting. There's lots of instant respawn mobs in the game and no one has gotten banned for farming them afaik.

This one is just a better gold maker, but has been in the game since patch 1.2 or so.

Anonymous said...

I registered on the forum - awaiting activation because just registering for the forum isn't enough. Have to wait for an admin to approve the account too.

Pretty frustrating bro...

Anonymous said...

vBulletin Message

XXXXXXX, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.


Anonymous said...

I did the survey to get into the elite section but I do not see this tip there and it won't let me into the elite forums :/

Kuja said...


The Elite Gold Making page you see on this blog is a different page. It gains you permanent access to it for cheaper, but is no longer updated like it says on the page.

The forum has thenew Elite Section for the elite tips so other people can contribute too.

Kuja said...


There are no users that are awaiting for activation. Perhaps it was a glitch or you needed email approval. Seems to be sorted out now. :)

Haida Gwaii said...

Hey Kuja I registered and did the post on Facebook but still no access to this tip. Any thing else I need to do or missing?

Aside from that I love the site and check in often keep it up:)

Kuja said...

Hi haida!

There's 2 different elite pages.

This blog's Elite page: Contains all older elite methods that either have saturated or are starting to show those symptons. Access to this page requires no donation and is permanent.

Forum's Elite page: Contains all new elite methods + the older ones. A donation is required to gain access to it and it's not permanent.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting the same message about not having permission. Looked for an email activation, but didn't see one.

Kuja said...


Are you trying to access the elite section? It's not open for public as I feel the methods in there are best to kept private, or shared with a small number of players only.

There should be no other restricted areas, not even for guests.

Anonymous said...

I must say I find the 'Instant Vanila 60 Elites' intriguing, because the that would mean another part than Alcaz Isle of Vanilla would have remained (the mobs at Alcaz Isle most defenitely not having an instant respawn time).

I'm thinking we're talking about an Instanced critter, as the Zones have changed too much in level for Quest targets to apply (also checked the loot tables of possible candidates, 0.03% droprates do not a farmer's dream make ;)

Of coruse, there is this old (2004) legend about a 'GM boosting critter' near Ratchet that would fit the description, but as afr as I know that myth has been debunked ages ago.

Still, intriguing :)

Anonymous said...

REALLY don't like the elite section requiring a paid contribution tbh.

Registering for your forum is one thing, but then to block people out from a link on your home page without telling them they need to pay real money up front to access the information really isn't very nice.

Just saying.

Ashkelon said...

This area in the forums is for Gold Gurus and Elites (and Moderators, of course) only according the Forum Header. I can't access it. :(

Kuja said...

It's just a way to notify the Elites and Gold Gurus that there's a new inbalanced gold tip posted there, as many forget to check the forum from time to time.

I will mention what the elite section is in a greater depth next time I mention it.

Kuja said...

As for the elite tips being restricted, I'm working on a way to grant access to them without the need to pay, like previously.

However, the forum software supports donations only so I have to code it manually and I have no such experience (yet).