Thursday, June 28, 2012

Farming Oozing Bags with a Twist - WoW Gold Guide

Now that I've previously told you how to obtain Disgusting Oozelings, it's time to improvise a bit and make even more gold from the Oozing Bags than you would get from selling Disgusting Oozelings. I'm fairly sure you will be the only one on your realm doing this until someone else reads this post as well. Better to act quick!

where to farm oozing bags
Swamp of Sorrows is still the best zone for some Disgusting Oozeling farming!

Not getting that Disgusting Oozeling? Sell the Oozing Bags instead!
While farming some more Disgusting Oozelings, I noticed I had no luck at all today, as all Oozing Bags contained junk only. Then I had an idea. Previously one could make lots of gold by selling junkboxes to rogues, and as these are containers too and possibly with huge rewards, why not sell the Oozing Bags instead, and not what they could potentially contain. That day I had opened about 100 Oozing Bags already and not one contained Disgusting Oozeling.

disgusting oozeling farmingIf I would have sold the bags instead, I would have made as much gold from them as I could have made if they contained 3 Disgusting Oozelings! There are lots of gamblers in the game and people are willing to pay less for a rare pet.

I then farmed 30 more Oozing Bags and attempted to try this trick. I used the following macro.

WTS [Oozing Bag] x 30 {star} 99g ea {star} High Chance of Containing [Disgusting Oozeling] {star} Sell them for 10,000 gold when you open enough bags!

I thought I would have to bark for a long while or keep reducing the price until someone gets interested, but I received 2 whispers from my first macro and they were sold instantly.

I proceeded to farm some more and try it again at a later time with increased prices and they too sold quickly. On a side note, I attempted this on a Full realm. On low population realms you might have to bark a little longer.

Even if they could have contained Disgusting Oozelings, I would have needed to wait a long while for even one of them to sell and in that time I had made even more gold by selling the bags instead.

Note: You cannot sell containers in the Auction House, so you have to trade or mail them instead.

Where to farm the Oozing Bags?
You can read all about farming Oozing Bags in this previous article that focused on the best place for Disgusting Oozeling Farming.

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Anonymous said...

I used to try this on my realm for 50g each, and would get loads of messages accusing me of checking the bags before selling them.

Haven't done it since.

Kuja said...

That's a good point. I haven't had anyone accusing yet though. Might be worth it to peek in a little! Though I would feel bad selling "empty" bags.

CastGamez said...

i tried this.
got 10 bags, took me 5 minutes to get.
opened them and got the companion and sold it for 9k gold :D

Thistle said...

"That day I had opened about 100 Oozing Bags already and not one contained Disgusting Oozeling."

"WTS [Oozing Bag] x 30 {star} 99g ea {star} High Chance of Containing [Disgusting Oozeling]"

Um... Personally I don't lie to sell things...

Anonymous said...

30 bags at 2% per bag does not equal 60%.

With that logic 50 bags at 2% means you have 100% of getting one.

Kuja said...

Thanks for clarifying that.

But the point stands, if you want to make sales, you must make people believe that 30 chances at 2% is a high chance to get it.

From my experience 40 opened bags usually contain one pet, but there are losing streaks as well so indeed, even 1000 bags opened does not equal 100% chance if you take it literally.

Jabdornlok said...

Just tried this. Farmed 20 bags, sold em all for about 1.5k. The dude who bought them won the companion and was quite stoked. I think I will try this again.