Friday, June 8, 2012

Everyone is playing Diablo 3 - How to make use of it

I've seen lots of people getting bored in game with half of the players playing Diablo 3 instead until MOP is here. This leaves you with lots of opportunities to make gold and obtain items and achievements that have previously been impossible or just very hard due to competition. Here are some ideas on what to do!

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Less players means more gold making opportunities!

Killing things, Hunting treasures, Farming mounts
If you're feeling bored as well and have no idea what to do in game, here's some things you may want to do now, assuming your realm is empty also.

Aeonaxx farming
While this will not make you any gold, it's still a sweet mount that everyone wants to have. Now is your opportunity! After defeating him, you get the Reins of the Phosphorescent Stone Drake.

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Aeonaxx spawn points.
With less people playing, there's also less ores for sale. On my realm almost all ores are 2x more expensive than what they have been normally. If this is true in your realm also, better to pay a visit to the auction house and see what ores are the most expensive. After that check the mining gold making tips and see if your ore is listed there.

Treasure hunting
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You may have noticed treasure chests from time to time. They give up to 150k exp, gold, a guaranteed rare item, gems, potions and Northrend chests can also contain Books of Glyph Mastery. There's up to 8 Treasure Chests in all zones and they respawn almost instantly in a few places.

To see the exact locations of all the treasure chests in wow, use Loot Hunter.

Picking flowers
Same as mining. There's less people farming herbs, making the herbalism profession more useful to have. I've always made a bank selling Stranglekelp even with competition. Now I can make even more because there's simply no competition currently. This goes for other "rare" herbs and a few Cata herbs as well.

Rare mob farming
There's hundreds of monsters with a silver dragon portrait in the game. These are like treasure chests! They give up to 150k exp, a guaranteed rare item and gold sometimes. These too are best hunted with a character that is not level capped to gain some easy exp.

To see the exact locations of every rare mob in wow, use Loot Hunter.

Daily quests
If you still want that Rustberg Gull, need to get reputations to exalted or just want to make more gold doing quests, dailies are easier to do when there's no one ganking you or stealing your kills.

Mysterious Camel Figurines
If you're still lacking the Reins of the Grey Riding Camel, it's easier to farm the camel figurines when no one else is looking for them also.
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To find the camel figurines easier,
toggle health bars on with

For more info on how to find the Mysterious Camel Figurines, read the comments on wowhead.

Leveling alts
Leveling a toon from 1-85 makes you thousands of gold. More if you have enchanting and disenchant all those green items you get from quests. Less people playing = Easier leveling!

Farm gold
All gold making tricks that involve farming are easier and usually more profitable as well. Click here and choose a farming method that interests you!

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Anonymous said...

I know the details on this are still sketchy (at least for EU subscribers), but the cross-Realm Zoning may change a lot of things if Nodes and such are shared cross-Realm as well.

To quote Sheldon from TBBT, 'oh the simulated horror!

Bryon Lape, Adventurer said...

I have D3 and I'm glad I didn't pay extra for it. Already bored with it.

Anonymous said...

Ores on my server is super cheap 1-2g even pyrite 3g. The most interesting part is this: not that much available at the same time. What I mean before I saw 2-300 stack for 3-4g, now 50-60 for super cheap. Makes no sense at all, and it looks like ppl set the price super low because they want to get rid of them asap.... weird thing......

Anonymous said...

"Less players means more gold making opportunities!"

Less players means less people buying stuff... rrurrurpp derp

Kuja said...


MOP is coming soon. At that point there will be more players playing than there has ever been. So stuff will still sell. Though I have no problems selling stuff even now :)