Monday, June 4, 2012

Chromatic Sword Farming - WoW Gold Guide

There's lots of rare items in the game that seem like your every other green item and often gets disenchanted because of that. Some of these however are over 9000% more valuable than your average greenie, but only for collection or transmogrification purposes. If you ever see the Chromatic Sword drop or spot it in the auction house for cheap, you're gonna make lots of gold!

wow gold guide
The only confirmed monster to drop Chromatic Sword!

Where to farm Chromatic Sword?
There's still many items in the game that are almost impossible to obtain after the level changes in some zones. Chromatic Sword was also affected by this, as it was dropped by a level 45 rare basilisk called Scale Belly before Cataclysm with a high drop rate. Now the basilisk is level 31, and the Chromatic Sword is a level 40 item. The drop rate is 0.08% now as people have killed it a million times and not once has it dropped.

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The glow effect as it once was.
Image credit: Loneswordsman
After Cataclysm no one has seen it drop from the monster anymore, or at least I haven't seen anyone confirming it. I've seen it 3 times in the Auction House this year though, so it's still obtainable somewhere, most likely from any 40+ monster. A game master also confirmed that it's still dropping, but didn't mention where.

It may also be that people just had some swords in store though.

That leaves you with 3 options:
  1. Try your luck and proceed farming Scale Belly.
  2. (Not confirmed) Farm any level 40-45 monsters. Instances are preferred as elites have better drop rates for greenies.
  3. Last but not least, check the auction house periodically. I've seen it go for less than 50g on many occasions. The stats on the item sucks so people sell it cheap.
Even though the glow effect was nerfed and is very dim now, I've sold it for 10k and 30k gold after the nerf.

Have you seen Chromatic Sword drop? Leave a comment!

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Anonymous said...

The glow effect hasn't been nerfed. When you link the sword from Wowhead, it is dimmer, but I previewed the sword in an auction house and it was bright as ever. I'm not sure if it's been removed, but there are conflicting reports from GM's. Some are saying it's removed, while others are saying it's still in the game. Very confusing.

Unknown said...

I have a Chromatic Sword and I would like to sell it

Unknown said...

I have a Chromatic Sword and I would like to sell it.

Unknown said...

Are you still selling the sword?