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Skinning Gold Guide | Heavy Leather Farming

Here's a treat for any skinner, low level or high level. On some realms Heavy Leather sells for more than the Cataclysm leather, Savage Leather. Not only may you get more gold from a stack, at higher levels you'll be one shotting the beasts, making you gain a lot more leather in the same amount of time.

mists of pandaria gold guide
Western Plaguelands
The second best zone for Heavy Leather farming.

Which Leather to farm?
Before venturing into the woods, you should check the current prices of different leathers. Prices change a lot and it may be more worthwhile to farm some other leather instead, like Thick Leather.

However, there are ways to improve your earnings even if the prices are low.
  1. Flip any cheap Heavy Leathers.
  2. List a few stacks for 150+ gold and let them stay there.
wow gold guide
If you want to make fast sales, always check the AH first.
First step is failproof usually, as farming Heavy Leather is time consuming and annoying for most people. There won't be a lot of competition, except bots. If you suspect someone is botting, you should check the below monsters out and bust them.

The second step works most of the time. When people have bought all the leather from other sellers, yours will still be there. Expensive, but there's nothing else they can do about it. Easy gold!

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Where's the best place to farm Heavy Leather?
Heavy Leather is skinned from level 24-46 beasts, so there's a lot of monsters to choose from. But to make your life easier, I will provide the top-7 farmed mobs for Heavy Leather below. Note that some of them spawn next to each other, like Plaguebats and Plaguehounds. These give you more leather than others in the list.
  1. Feral Scar Yeti
  2. Shaggy Black Bear
  3. Plaguehound Runt
  4. Rage Scar Yeti
  5. Drywallow Daggermaw
  6. Elder Mistvale Gorilla
  7. Plaguebat
 Most of the above monsters drop the following when skinned:
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