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Making fast gold selling Dragonhawks - Low Level Horde Gold Making

These Dragonhawks were part of the Limited Supply Items in Eastern Kingdoms trick, but some items deserve their own trick to stand out from a compilation post, especially if they are easy to obtain and sell fast. However, there has been some changes to this pet since making that post.

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There's 3 colors to choose from! And more in a "secret" location..
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Money needed to start: 1 gold 50 silver
This method requires as little as 1.5 gold to get you started, less if you have skills that give you discounts. The trick is simple. Visit Jilanne in Eversong Woods (Eastern Kingdoms) and purchase the Dragonhawk pets she is selling. They cost 50 silver each and there's 3 of them available. 
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Eversong Woods

Each of these sell for 20-300 gold in the Horde auction house.

If you list them in the Neutral auction house, these can sell for even 600 gold.

If you have 2 accounts and can list these in the Alliance auction house instead, they can sell for even more than 600 gold. This is assuming no one else is selling them.

wow gold guideHowever, since 4.2 these can be obtained from Satchel of Exotic Mysteries as well, so it's unlikely you will be the only seller. Still, if there aren't a lot of them for sale, there's profit to be made.

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I LOVE THIS i made 10k gold on alliance because of this! and it only took me 1 hour!