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Loot Hunters: Soloing Cataclysm Dungeons - Heroic Blackrock Caverns

Loot Hunters are finally back with another dungeon filled with loot and other treasures! This time we'll be venturing to the depths of the Blackrock Caverns, both normal and heroic version. Take note that Heroic version needs you to have better than average gear and also skill plays a big part. Normal version requires no gear at all and can be done even at level 80, provided you have the correct solo class!

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Are you up to the challenge? Try the Heroic version!
Possible loot: 22 x Heavenly Shard and stacks of Embersilk!

Fast gold from Cataclysm instances
Like always, heroic version requires more time to complete, and for some classes it's even impossible. But are the rewards worth it? Here's the maximum amount of loot you can receive from one run. To make it more accurate, you should split the amounts in half, or more if you're unlucky with drops!

22 x Heavenly Shard
Want extra loot?
Don't forget to stock up on
Potions of Treasure Finding!
100 x Embersilk Cloth
5-15 x Greenies

26 x Small Heavenly Shard
70 x Embersilk Cloth
5-15 x Greenies

Depending on your gear, you can complete 2 normal runs in the time it takes to clear one heroic, making the normal version superior loot-wise. That said, if you want a fast and easy run, you should focus on the normal version. It takes more than 13 minutes per run, so you will not be seeing the instance cap/hour either. You are free to farm it for as long as you want!

ProTip: If you want to farm the heroic version instead, you have to kill Corla or you shall not pass the next bridge, unless you have camouflage or stealth. Kiting her to the entrance of the instance helps you a lot. To see how others solo it, google the following: "blackrock caverns heroic solo".

Yummy loot, how to put it to use?
Cataclysm instances are farmed for mainly three things: Low level greenies, Embersilk Cloth and Enchanting mats. Some higher level instances provide even better loot, like Volatile Air, but that won't be discussed this time.

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Blackrock Caverns is located inside Blackrock Mountain.
Usually greenies are disenchanted, but when farming the entry instances, they will be way more valuable when NOT disenchanted. They are level 77-79 that offer better stats than 80 epics most of the time and people finishing the WOTLK zones need these badly if they want the last few levels to fly past fast, or if they just want to be on top of the BG scoreboards.

A single greenie can sell for even 400gold if it has good stats (Not Whale). Blues are easily worth 2x more, as they are bound to have good stats!

Let's put it into a list again.
  • Greenies - Good stats? Sell for 300-400 gold.
  • Greenies - Bad stats? Sell for 50-100 gold / Disenchant.
  • Greenies - Weapons with bad stats? Disenchant.
  • Blues - Sell for 200-1000 gold.
  • Embersilk Cloth - Sell if it's not profitable to craft bags or other tailoring goods.
If there's people undercutting you, it's wise to lower the prices. Or if you are patient, wait up until there's no competition. You can alternatively flip any cheap level 77-79 Cataclysm greenies you find.

What class is the best for soloing?
There's 2 best class types. Tank and Pet. Death Knight is the easiest of them with a tank spec. Hunter is second with a tank pet, like a turtle in my opinion. Warlock is excellent also, although a clothie can die easily if not skilled enough.

Level 80 Death Knight
Soloing Blackrock Caverns

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