Friday, May 11, 2012

How to make gold in Mists of Pandaria - Part 2: Inscription

This is the second post regarding Mists of Pandaria gold making. I will be dedicating posts for each profession that has access to items that new monks and pandas will find useful. MOP is not here yet, but that does not mean you can't start today!
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Scribes have a lot more to stockpile than Herbalists!

 What should I stockpile as a scribe?
Your main focus should be Inks. However, there's other goodies scribes can make too, like equipment which will always be helpful when leveling a new toon. So if you have spare materials, go ahead and create some off-hand books as well.

Stockpiling Ink is simple. Simply purchase the cheapest Cataclysm herbs you can, or farm them yourself if nothing is cheap. Mill them into pigments and turn the pigments into Blackfallow Ink.

mists of pandaria gold guide

Create all kinds
of different Inks and
list them in the AH
the day before
MOP launches!
Once you have a ton of Blackfallow Ink, visit the Inscription vendor. Next to it is the Ink trader, which will give you low level inks in exchange for Blackfallow Ink.

To make the most gold, first check the other herb prices on your realm. Usually Moonglow and Ivory Ink is even cheaper than Blackfallow Ink, so there's no point buying those with Blackfallow.

Grab as many different inks as you can, except Inferno Ink which is not needed as much.

What about Glyphs?
Glyphs are a good idea as well. Most gold is made with Monk glyphs and all new glyphs for other classes, so go learn those instantly! Save up some Books of Glyph Mastery in order to learn the rarest of the MOP glyphs. Some will also be learned from Inscription Research. However, there's lots of glyph changes coming and I haven't been invited into the beta so I can't provide 100% accurate info regarding glyphs.

And Darkmoon Tinkets?
None of the Darkmoon Trinkets are good for leveling, as there's a lot better trinkets out there. You will also be making more gold if you sell the Darkmoon Cards instead of turning them into trinkets. Only exception is the low level blue cards, like the Mages Deck that awards necklaces. However, there are LFG rewards that are cheaper to obtain and you will not be the only one selling low level necklaces.

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Anonymous said...

What would you suggest doing with the inferno inks?

Kuja said...


Their current average price among all realms is 50g ish gold each. If they're that expensive on your realm, I'd sell them as they are. Otherwise there's still gold to be made if you create level 85 Darkmoon Cards.

Anonymous said...

On what basis are you recommending the use of Books of Glyph Mastery? Early signs are that they will not be needed for MoP glyphs. Do you have a source for this recommendation?

Kuja said...


I am not sure, that's why I mentioned it in the post. But if the books contain nothing new, you can always sell them in stacks to unknowing people who think they contain new glyphs. I haven't seen a single person selling them in trade chat so it should make you look legit if MOP has just launched.

SirFWALGMan said...

I *sorta* disagree with the Inferno inks.. Do not stockpile them... but, what about keeping like 40-80 of them so that right off the gate you can level your inscription by like 5-10 points right? Since the Jawbones and stuff are Yellow?