Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Easiest way to make Hypnotic Dust - Enchanting Gold Guide

One of the most asked question I've received is the following: "What's the easiest way to get Hypnotic Dust/Celestial Essences?" I might as well answer to this question publicly, seeing the Hypno prices have been recently spiking at even 50 gold each on 2 out of 3 realms I play on! Note that if you like gold, you don't necessarily need enchanting to snatch some dust. Just see what the auction house offers during peak hours...

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Obsidium Deposits are the best source for Hypnotic Dust! After some prospecting, that is!
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How to make Hypnotic Dust
Unless you have loads of honor/justice points and have nothing better to do with them, there is only one way to obtain Hypnotic Dust: Disenchanting.

All Cataclysm non-weapon greenies will usually disenchant into Hypnotic Dust, so there's only the choice of what to DE. Choose the best option below! There's many more professions out there, but I'll list only the ones I've used.

Making Hypnotic Dust with Jewelcrafting
This is one of the oldest JC tricks, but it's still very profitable. Simply purchase as much Obsidium or Elementium Ore from the auction house and prospect them. Do not cut the green gems you get, but instead turn them into accessories, such as rings. All of these will DE into Hypnotic Dust. This is time consuming, but profitable and requires no hard work.

Making Hypnotic Dust with Tailoring
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This NPC should be your last resort!
This is not profitable if Embersilk is more expensive than the dust. On top of that, Eternium Threads required for this cost almost 1 gold each.

The point is to buy Embersilk Cloth and create Deathsilk Bracers. Each DE's into 1-8 Hypnotic Dust and sometimes Celestial Essences. Note that the bracers sell for even 300g each on some realms, so keep at least one for sale if this is the case.

Making Hypnotic Dust at the Auction House
This is the best way after Jewelcrafting, and most interesting. Simply search for green quality level 80-85 items at the auction house, and sort them by price. Some lvl 77 items are also Cataclysm items, but they often cost 50x more than the dust you can get from them.

When you see some items with a reasonable price, see if 4 Hypnotic Dust is worth more than the item. 4 is the average amount of dusts you can get from one greenie.

Alternatively you can check the dust prices during peak hours (18:00-22:00) and see if there's lots of undercutting going on. There's usually even 400% price difference, so it's not just faster, but also profitable if there's lots of dust available.

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Jon said...

On my server I have been able to pick up over 300 stacks of Hypnotic Dust for under 25g per stack. Why sell these now when the market is flooded, when they can be flipped in MoP for bigger profits to those who are leveling enchanting? IMO this is one of the top 5 items to stockpile for MoP.

Kuja said...


Agreed. If the dust is cheap currently, it would be wise to wait until MOP. Same goes for all trade goods that are mandatory for profession leveling.

However, last night they were going for 45g/stack of 5. In that case it would be smarter to sell them now.

Tandin said...

I find these prices remarkable. On my server dust is currently selling for about 35 silver per. It's amazing there can be such a huge variation.

Goldpaw said...

What I find to be the case - most of the time - is that only two tiers of enchanting materials sell well at any given time. The top tier, and the bottom tier.

By "tier" I refer to the expansion the mats were the main or top mats in. Like Infinite Dust in vanilla. Or Hypnotic Dust now in Cata.

The bottom tier sells well because it is still the only viable option to make twink and heirloom enchants with. The top tier sells well because it's the current best, obviously.

While everything in between more often than not gets left out, only used by people leveling their professions. These things are hardly ever farmed, and what you find at the AH is mostly left there by people leveling their alts. A disenchanting run in UBRS for example can be VERY profitable.

Anonymous said...

@Lars illusion dust not infinite

Goldpaw said...

@the dude before me; yeah, I totally meant Illusion Dust. And Dream Dust! So many Dusts in this game that I get them messed up at times. They are all just other words for "gold" to me anyway! ;)

I realize I might have been a bit unclear. When I said that only the top and bottom tiers sell well, I mean that they are the only ones that sell a lot, the only ones with a lot of traffic at the AH. And also that they are the only ones really farmed.

Everything (of green and white quality) in-between sells too, but not as much, as that is mostly used by leveling enchanters. And the big hordes of farmers don't farm things that don't instantly sell.

Since not that many people farm these materials, the prices naturally go up, leaving those of us with a few stacks stockpiled a very nice potential source of profit.