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Farming Heartblossom - WoW Herbalism Gold Guide

While Cataclysm herbs are less valuable than older herbs, there's still lots of gold to be made in the new zones as well. For example, Heartblossom has always been surprisingly pricey and there isn't a whole lot of it for sale usually. Pay a visit to your local auction house and see if there's gold to be made, if you have herbalism. However, a sneaky goblin can make some gold selling these even without the profession!

cataclysm gold guide
Deepholm, your only source for Heartblossom!

Farming Heartblossom in Deepholm
Heartblossom can be gathered in one zone only, Deepholm. The zone is full of them so it doesn't matter where you are flying. As long as you are in the zone, your bags will be full sooner than you would think. See the pictures yourself! Sorry for the messy route image. I had to borrow it from someone else because I can't make one myself currently.

There isn't really much to tell about farming it. It's simple as flying in the zone and landing when you spot a yellow dot on your map!

wow gold guide
Heartblossom Spawn Points

You might want to adjust a few things...
Image source: wowhead

heartblossom farming
Heartblossom Farming Route

Routes and Gathermate in action!
Image source: gameolosophy

To make the route look a bit cleaner,
hide the Heartblossoms from your map by
using Gathermate's filter options.
Heartblossom Farming - The Goblin's Way
This method is simple as well. Just check the prices of Heartblossom whenever you are in the auction house and see how the price range goes.

how to make gold
Requires Herbalism (475)

May contain the following:
Heartblossom x 1-9
Volatile Life x 1-4
Lifegiving Seed
This may be different on some realms, but there's usually 0-10 stacks for sale during night time and early in the morning (2:00-8:00) from my experience. To make some gold, I go shopping during the evening, usually after 18:00. Any day works as there are thousands for sale every time. And when that happens, everyone is undercutting each other.

After shopping it's easy as relisting them, for 3x more than what you paid for them! Even 12 hour duration works and there's less fees that way!

My mailbox is usually full of Heartblossom sales whenever I log on for the first time of the day if I'm not undercut.

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