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Where to farm Large Brilliant Shards? - WoW Gold Guide

The previous method needs lots of Large Brilliant shards to work. But since they're selling for even 100g a piece on some realms, is it even easy or worth it to farm them? Let's find out!

Alterac Valley - One of the best sources for Large Brilliant Shards!

There's the Red pill and the Blue pill
Large Brilliant Shards are easy to obtain, but you need to have some levels (the more, the easier) and also have enchanting available to you. You can either farm them the regular way, which is killing level 53+ classic bosses or if you're feeling lazy, purchase items from vendors and disenchant them.

The fast way
If you don't feel like grinding, there's a fast alternative to to it. Though it requires a bit of PVP farming, unless you have honor points to spare already.

The trick is simple. Buy any of the lvl 55+ blue items, and disenchant them.

Alterac Valley Loot
Blue quality items from AV cost 50 Honor Points each, so they're cheaper. There's also vendors inside AV, one in each base.

Other PVP Loot
If you don't feel like traveling to Hillsbrad Foothills or queueing for AV, you can purchase the "shards" from the low level PVP rewards vendor in a capital city (Orgrimmar and Stormwind).  These cost 55 HP each. There's only one item type you need to buy, the level 58 version blue cape/cloak.

The fun, and perhaps super profitable way
If you don't have Honor Points, don't like to PVP or want to try your luck, you can stick to the other route, which is slaying monsters. Not only will you be getting Large Brilliant shards, but there's lots of other goodies you will be finding. These include BOE rares, schematics and formulae that are worth even 9000 wow gold a piece.

Instances to farm
Farming instances may be more profitable
than you would think!
Image credit: Hairband
You need to have lots of levels if you want to make the farming fun, which is to pull several rooms at a time and have some AOE fun! Here's the best instances to farm for Large Brilliant Shards.

Upper Blackrock Depths
There's lower and upper parts in BRD. Lower level has lower level mobs as well, so they are not dropping Large Brilliant Shards. Instead, take the door upstairs or use the mole machine next to the entrance. All bosses drop items that disenchants into 1-3 LBS.

Blackrock Spire
BRS also has 2 sides, Upper and Lower. However, this is a level 55+ instance, so it does not matter which side you pick. Both have plenty of bosses that all drop items that DEs into LBS.

Blackrock Mountain
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Unknown said...

I like to use the Brewfest Teleporter toFarm Large Brilliant Shards around the Grim Guzzler. Best part is instance reset via log out ports you back to the dungeon entry location (barrel room) and not back to the dungeon entrance.