Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Essence of Undeath Farming - WoW Gold Guide

Here's the last of the reagents needed for the Unholy Enchant. It's often the cheapest of them, but I've kept their price at 200-300 gold each for a long while now, have a hundred of them and haven't farmed them even once! This reagent is easy to monopolize, take advantage of it.

Auctioneers have a high drop rate for most items. Try it!

No farming necessary
Because at least from my experience, no one really spends time farming Essences of Undeath on purpose so there's not a lot of them coming from the same person. Because I keep only one or three for sale at a time for 200+ gold every other day, there's always people posting these for like 7 gold each on the day I'm not selling any, which are easy to snatch and easy, but time consuming to resell. I can usually sell 5-10 every week.

Thankfully there's other uses for these as well, like the unholy weapon enchant discussed in one of the previous posts! There's lots more to spend these on, so expect to see more gold making tricks related to Essence of Undeath.

But I like farming!
Should there be no Essences of Undeath for sale, they are too expensive or you prefer other than auction house farming, here's something for you. Essence of Undeath drops from level 40+ undead creatures, but the higher their level, the higher the drop rate as well. Highest drop rate is at around 7% so it may take a couple of kills before you see the first essence.

Best monsters to farm for Essences of Undeath:
There are loads more, but other monsters are either too hard to farm or have less than 5% drop rate.
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