Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gnomish Army Knife - Engineering Gold Guide

This method works on most realms, but there are exceptions. This item needs quite a few WOTLK trade goods that are sometimes way too expensive for gnomish army knife business to be profitable. However, if there's no gnomish army knife suppliers on your realm and even if it's expensive to create them, you can still make lots of gold with this gold making trick.

wow gold guide
How much are people willing to pay for extra bag slots? A lot!

Almost passive gold source
Because all you have to do is purchase some white quality items from a trade goods vendor and a few stacks of Saronite Bars, this method is almost passive source for gold. All you have to do is re list any unsold knives.

What makes Gnomish Army Knives sell is the fact they server as a skinning knife, gyromatic micro-adjustor, arclight spanner, blacksmithing hammer, flint and tinder and a mining pick, it frees quite a few priceless bag spots for many people.

how to make goldI can usually sell 1-4 Knives a week, unless someone else is selling them aswell. Usually only a couple is posted by each person, because they're just leveling engineering. If they're cheap, it's wise to flip them all in most cases, as more won't be posted 90% of the time by the same person.

Keep the amount of Gnomish Army Knives in the AH to a minimum though. If there's 10 knives for sale, it looks like they're easy to make and a potential buyer will investigate how they are made instead, and perhaps discover that they have engineering on an alt.

I usually keep only 2 for sale and I try to keep the price at around 250-300 gold per knife when no one else is selling. More if Saronite Bars are super expensive. Keep in mind though that most players do not know how much these can be sold for, and will undercut you a LOT.

Gnomish Army Knife
Requires Engineering: 435
If Saronite is as expensive (10-20g/bar) on your realm as it is mine, there's no point buying them. If you have a miner, stay tuned. I will be posting more about Saronite ore and bars soon.

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Anonymous said...

How is this a passive source for gold again?
I don't get how this item is different from 1000 others that you craft and sell.
If you are going to highlight certain items, fine. But cut out all the regurgitated disclaimers about how this "method" may not work for all servers and only post when no one else does and don't craft it if the mats are expensive and don't sell too many or a buyer will go make it himself on an alt blah blah blah.
This item might save a small number of players one bag slot. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

I'll check it out but I remember back on wotlk, the knife was one of the things you did to lvl engineering and you did like 50 or so. It wasnt profit back then (most were 1g on AH), but if I'm wrong I'll comment again

Anonymous said...

Well on my realm, saronite bars are going for 3.5g each, and that's about 73% normal price. So it would cost me 35 gold, roughly, for mats. Someone is selling the army knives for 25g each (5.33g buyout). So it would be a loss for me to buy the mats and undercut. The only way this would be profitable is if I took my miner out and got the mats myself. It could be some easy money IF these things sell on my realm, but I think selling the saronite itself would be safer. Maybe wait until Mists, let the new engineers flood the market, buy them up cheap, and sell them 6 months later...blargh, never mind.

Kuja said...

Good point anonymous!

Though some items are not as passive. Take Netherweave bags for example.

First spend a small eternity..

1) Buy 50 stacks of cloth
2) Get them from the mail

Then spend even more time..

3) Visit trade goods vendor
4) Turn cloth into bolts
5) Turn the bolts into bags
6) Spend time listing and re-listing 10-15 bags every 12 hours to avoid competition. Selling any less would be unwise too.

Unlike some items, like the knife.

1) Buy some saronite bars
2) Visit trade supplies vendor
3) Create 1 or 2 knives
4) Spend a few seconds listing them for sale