Thursday, February 2, 2012

Icy Chill Enchant Farming - WoW Gold Guide

I received a nice gold making trick from a reader a short while ago. It's however one of those methods that has requirements, and not everyone can perform it as good. Still, there's the Auction House which let's you perform this gold making tip even if you do not meet the requirements!

Gold tip submitted by: Hunkyjock, Kel'Thuzad

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Even though there's lots of ways to make gold in Winterspring, Icy Chill no longer drops there.
Image credit: Ternezia

Where does Icy Chill enchant drop?
Icy Chill Enchant Formula suffered the same fate as Crusader did when Cataclysm landed. However, Crusader formula was added back to the game, but Icy Chill formula is still missing from the drop tables. This means it's extremely valuable for the time being.

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Anguished Highborne no longer drop the enchant,
even though many sites say otherwise.

Image credit: Miyari
If you got a few gathering dust in your bank, you better put one up for sale!

It's been selling for anywhere between 2k-25k gold, but there's people that don't understand it's true value and list them for less than 300 gold. If you see one for less than the suggested price, just snatch them quick before someone else does so!

GMs "are talking" about the formula though, so it might get added to the drop tables again at some point. It haven't been a big priority so it should still take some time. For the time being, enjoy the huge price!

I know how to make Icy Chill enchants!
If your enchanter already has Icy Chill learned, you can still make lots of gold from it. Just create scrolls! They've been selling for 300-800 gold and the materials usually cost 20-70 gold.

Icy Chill Enchant
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