Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Captured Firefly Farming - WoW Gold Guide

If you had luck with the previous gold making tip that focused on Hyacinth Macaw farming, why not push it a little bit more? Or if you didn't find your parrot yet, maybe you will be luckier in Zangarmarsh, where the next extremely rare pet can be found!

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Captured Firefly
The Pet Collector's Other Nightmare

The best way to farm Captured Fireflies
Even though there's a similar pet now, the Tiny Flamefly that is obtained from a quest, the original Captured Firefly from Zangramarsh remains extremely valuable to pet collectors. During TBC it was usually sold for 1000 gold. With the increasingly easier ways to make gold in wow, these days I've witnessed it sell for anywhere between 5-20k gold.

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Captured Fireflies spawn only in the two green zones.
Location: Zangarmarsh
Captured Firefly can be farmed in Zangarmarsh. It can drop from only one type of monster, the Bogflare Needler. It's a low 0.07% ish drop rate, so expect a long grind if you're not lucky!

As you can see, they spawn in a relatively small area on the northern part of the zone. There's less than 25 Bogflare Needlers on the map at a time, but once you have destroyed the last of them, more should have spawned - at least if your level is closer to their levels.

Once again, gold making and leveling can be combined!

A high level killing machine may have to wait for respawns.

The easier way to farm Captured Fireflies!
Occasionally you may find one for sale on the auction house, for a lot less than it's true value is. Personally I've snatched 3 or 4 Frieflies total for less than 3k, which I have then resold for even 20,000 gold on one occassion.

Neutral auction house can be a gold mine too! I've witnessed one pop up for about 10 silvers only, but since someone was just transferring it to the other faction, I would have felt bad and had to let that bargain go. :C

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Anonymous said...

I chose to grind (ground? grinded? What *is* the past tense of 'grind' in this situation?) one of these at the end of last year for part of my fiancee's Christmas present. I have ground/grinded out many other rare pets, and let me say that this one suxx0red the absolute most.

The needlers are on a 10-12 minute respawn, which is fine if you're of the level to go adventuring in Zangmarsh, but a full sweep takes less than 5 minutes at 85 on an appropriate flying mount. Which means that after every run you've got significant unusable downtime.

I ended up having to kill just over 1800 of them, in groups of 24 (or less).. over 90 runs through this swamp over the course of about 30 days. I never want to see it again. Anything where I can run-and-gun, even if the percentage drop rate is lower, is better than kill-and-wait-for-respawn; I'd rather grind out 5 oozelings or three whelplings than one more firefly...

Personally, I'd have gladly paid 10k at various points in my trial just to avoid having to continue, but during that whole time there simply wasn't one to be seen on the AH. And of course, as soon as I got mine, some silly goblin posted up SIX OF THEM. (I kid you not.)

Of note: NEVER bother with this if someone else is already there trying. There aren't enough mobs for you both to fight over. Show some courtesy and let the person who was there first continue.

Anonymous said...

Past tense is 'grind'