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Arcane Dust Farming - WoW Gold Guide

If you would like to make some fast gold, it's a good idea to focus on trade goods that have lots of uses. To make even more gold, you should focus on goods from The Burning Crusade expansion. Enchanting materials, like Arcane Dust is an excellent choice, although it requires professions. The more crafting ones you have at disposal, the more profitable it gets. Enchanting is mandatory!

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Solo farming instances like The Eye is a great source for Arcane Dust and other goodies.

What's the best way to get Arcane Dust?
Arcane Dust is obtained from enchanting alone, specifically by disenchanting TBC ilvl greenies (level 57-70). There's lots of choices, so you too should find a method you enjoy. Personally I like to kill things for loot. Not only is it less boring, but you can also find all kinds of other loot while at it.

Because the amount of Arcane Dust you're getting depends entirely on how often you see green equipment drops, it it's not the fastest way you can get some Arcane Dust. If you don't like farming, it's best to pick a profession that can create disenchantable items. There's also lots of different ways that are not covered in this post, but these are my favourites.

The following items will disenchant into 2-10 Arcane Dust, but you will also see lots of Planar Essences, which are usually even more valuable. You also have a chance of getting the occasional unwanted Small Prismatic Shards.

Tailors can make lots of different items that DE into Arcane Dust, but from my experience it's best to focus on Netherweave Belts or Tunics. Belts are cheaper to make, but give Lesser Planar Essences, while Tunics give lots of Greater Planar Essences on top of the Arcane Dust. Netherweave Cloth is also almost free usually, so there's lots of profit here.

Jewelcrafters can create rings and amulets. Sometimes TBC gems are expensive, so before creating any jewelry, make sure you can profit when turning them into Arcane Dust.

You have lots of different choices with Blacksmithing aswell, but here's my pick. Note that Fel Iron Bars are never cheap, so it might not be wise to use blacksmithing for this. Even if they are cheaper than arcane dust, you can most likely make more gold by reselling the Fel Iron.

Same goes with Leatherwotking. Many choices, yet one is usually enough. Leatherworking materials are also expensive more often than not, so farming may be a better idea in this case aswell.

Where to farm Arcane Dust
Because it's often not as profitable to craft things and then disenchant, farming is an excellent alternative to it. All you have to do is select an instance from the list below and start destroying things! Here's my favourite spots for farming TBC greenies.
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Arcane Dust sells super fast! It's average
price between realms is 55g/stack.

This raid instance has been mentioned before, and that's for a reason. It's an excellent source for all kinds of goodies. There will be lots of greenies dropping, which is instant Arcane Dust. There will also be lots of Netherweave Cloth which can be used by tailors, as seen above.

Loot Hunters: Farming Karazhan for lots of gold!
The Eye
This is a raid instance aswell. It's similar to Karazhan, but is a bit more time consuming. Still, it can be soloed from the start to the end. There's also lots of Eye-only drops here that can be valuable, like epic recipes.

Loot Hunters: Gold Farming inside The Eye
Shattered Halls
This is a 5 man instance, it's small and fast to clear. There's also very few casters here so it's easy to pull the whole instance in just a couple of pulls. This can be hard to find, so click below to see the Shattered Halls entrance aswell.

Loot Hunters: Soloing Heroic Shattered Halls

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theatermusic87 said...

Love the tips! I wish this was true on my server... prices are significantly depressed, with the average price of around 20g per stack; usually with 2-3 hundred dust available at a time. I've tried resetting the market on several occasions to a more profitable level and there just isn't enough demand (at least on a medium population 5y+ old server) to keep up with supply... Same with planar dust... Eternal essences and Illusion dust, and Cosmic Essences and Infinite Dusts on the other hand are almost hard to keep in stock.