Friday, February 17, 2012

Abyss Crystal Solo Farming - Enchanting WoW Gold Guide

Abyss Crystals have lots of different uses and thus are extremely valuable. Their price is usually between 40-90 gold each, but since one Abyss Crystal can be turned even into 200 gold on some realms, their average price will often be more than you would think. They are disenchanted from epic WOTLK loot. How can you solo farm them?

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All WOTLK heroics are soloable by now! Heroics = Lots of gold and Abyss Crystals!

Multiple ways to obtain Abyss Crystals
While most people say it's only profitable to farm instances, there's in fact many other sources for them. Like the last disenchant trick revealed, also Abyss Crystals can be purchased from vendors with Justice and Honor points, though you need to have enchanting so you can disenchant the items.

My personal favourite way to obtain Abyss Crystals is to check the Auction House regularly. Many people sell these for as low as 3 gold each, even though a few can be turned into 600g quite easily.

Trial of the Champion is a great source for Abyss Crystals
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Because Abyss Crystals are obtained from WOTLK heroics, raids and ToC only, there's not a lot of different farming options available. Basically choose any of the above and start farming to your heart's content. All instances and most of these raids can be soloed by a level 85 in decent gear, good talents and skill.

Perhaps the fastest way to obtain Abyss Crystals by farming is to run Trial of the Champion (Non-heroic) instance over and over again. There's almost no trash and one run awards a lot of epic loot that is DE'd into Abyss Crystals. Some practice is required, however.

Purchasing with Justice Points
If you have spare Justice Points, you should purchase Lillehoff's Winged Blades from a justice point vendor in Dalaran. One costs 174 JP and DEs into Abyss Crystals.

Purchasing with Honor Points
Alternatively, you can spend Honor Points on Wrathful Gladiator's Barrier. This item can be obtained from legacy pvp quartermasters in a capital city. One costs 190 HP and DEs into Abyss Crystals.

There are a few other ways to obtain Abyss Crystals, but I will discuss more about them in the upcoming Part 2 of this post that has more to do with them and especially on how to turn them into gold.

You can alternatively browse the Enchanting category on the left and check the ancient Abyssal Shatter gold making trick out.

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Backthief said...

Why you always throw this imposible price ranges like 40g-80g. Every post....

Kuja said...


It's the average price I've seen on undermine journal for example. 40 being the minimum and 80 the highest. It does not include price spikes, like those 1k or 3g crystals.

If you have a better suggestion on how I should let you know the prices, let me know. =)

Pandorox19 said...

Isn't there a website that shows price ranges across all servers

Kuja said...

Is the only site you should need. Not only do you see the prices of the selected realm, but the average price between all US/EU realms.