Monday, January 16, 2012

Mining Guide | Low Level Gold Making | Copper Ore

Here's an another gold making trick for low level players. Copper Ore requires even less levels, but makes you even more gold in a day than the previously posted Silver Ore. All you need is a level 5 ish toon and a pickaxe!

making wow gold mining copper
One of the greatest low level gold making tricks!

Fast sales means lots of gold!
Copper Ore spawns in all low level zones, so you don't have to wander too far. It requires only 1 skill in mining so you can start mining right after you've obtained the skill from a mining trainer.

I will not be drawing any maps this time. Where you will be mining depends on your race most likely. It would be best to download the following addons and let them create a path for you that you can use ingame.
copper farming route
Copper Vein
Requires Mining: 1

Routes allow you to draw lines on the worldmap linking nodes together into an efficient farming route from existing databases (Gathermate 2).

If you are not sure how to setup a route, leave a comment and I will help.

Lots of uses, many gold making opportunities
Because there's not just a simple use for Copper Ore, you should check the auction house before selling anything, so you know which items are the most profitable. If you have loads of copper, you can produce all of the items and not just the most valuable.

Here's the most profitable items you can create with Copper Ore. Some require other professions aswell, so it's wise to create an alt if you run out of profession slots.
  1. Sell the Copper Ore as it is.
  2. Prospect the Copper Ore and sell the gems.
  3. Prospect the Copper Ore and turn the gems into low level jewelry.
  4. Smelt the Copper Ore into Copper Bars and sell them.
  5. Mine/Buy some Tin Ore and smelt Bronze Bars
Prices depend a lot on your realm and time of the day, so there's little point guessing. Use your auction house to see which number to pick. Like always, to make the most gold, try all of them!

Then a bit offtopic!
I would like to apologize the lack of new gold making posts recently. I've been quite busy with swtor and what time I've had for WoW goes to making Loot Hunter even better. I will be switching back to WoW soon-ish though so more posts incoming!

In the meanwhile do not expect daily gold making blog posts. You should keep an eye out for any twitter posts however. I will be posting mini gold tips there from time to time! See the link on the right sidebar.
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