Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Loot Hunters: Soloing Cataclysm Dungeons - Throne of the Tides

Many people think Cataclysm dungeons are either not soloable or offer nothing of value. How wrong they are! The first and easiest of these dungeons is Throne of the Tides and it offers even better loot than most of the other Cataclysm Heroic dungeons!

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Soloing Cataclysm instances is not only profitable, but also fun!
Location: Abyssal Depths

Some gear and skill required
Cataclysm elites are not a pushover. You will get killed if you are not level 85->, don't have skill and some epics. Class and spec also plays a role, because pet and tank specs will always be superior when soloing harder things. However, your spec matters little in non-heroic dungeons.

Overall the instance is easy if it's not your first time soloing instances. Bosses require no special tactics, but can take a while if your dps is not high enough.

However, bosses drop nothing of value usually, so do not get mad if you can't take a boss down. Trash will be your main source of gold like in every instance usually, and you can just reset the instance when you run out of it.

Your main source for gold while here will be Embersilk Cloth, BOE greenies and the occasional BOE blue. Other loot is insignificant, though even greys are valuable when your bags are full of them.

Usually greenies are disenchanted, but in this case they will be way more valuable when NOT disenchanted. They are level 77-79 "epic quality greenies" most of the time and people finishing the WOTLK zones need these badly if they want the last few levels to fly past fast, or if they just want to be on top of the BG scoreboards.

A single greenie can sell for even 400gold if it has good stats (Not Whale). Blues are easily worth 2x more, as they are bound to have good stats!

Shaman Soloing TotT

Lots of loot! What to do with it?
You can go wrong with the loot, better to read up! This works mainly for level 77-79 Cataclysm loot.
  • Greenies - Good stats? Sell for 300-400 gold.
  • Greenies - Bad stats? Sell for 50-100 gold.
  • Greenies - Weapons with bad stats? Disenchant.
  • Blues - Sell for 400-1000 gold.
  • Embersilk Cloth - Sell if it's not profitable to craft bags or other tailoring goods.
If there's people undercutting you, it's wise to lower the prices. Or if you are patient, wait up until there's no competition. You can alternatively flip any cheap level 77-79 Cataclysm greenies you find.

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Ruggz said...

This isn't a good gold making "idea" at all, the time spent actually clearing this is not profitable vs other strategies

Draco Blue said...

I found the idea to solo "Throne of the Tides" very usefull. I killed all the bosses and looted after finishing the whole dungeon 9 BOP greenies and 1 BOP blue. Plus the gold and Silk.
I was using a Protection Warrior lvl 493 (Enchanting-Jewelcrafting), it took me longer to finish the octopus boss (The one from the east side) the rest was very easy.

I would say that the profit depends on the server. On Drakkari, it is a lot profitable to solo this dungeon since most prices are just crazy and mats cost more than profession skills results.

Anonymous said...

Draco Blue, how were you able to solo whole instance? I can't manage to kill the first boss. I resort to kill the trash again and again however.

I'm a restoration shaman with elemental as offspec (only resto gear).

I've sold all the BoE green armors with good stats for 150 - 250g and weapons for 200 - 300g, they sell nearly as fast as I put them in AH :D:D!

Yeah, this isn't actually as profitable as flipping AH, but it is a bit more fun than staring rows and rows of auctions all the day. I'd say that this is a good way to earn some gold if you don't happen to have any gold to invest into AH.