Sunday, January 22, 2012

How to get fast Heavenly Shards - WoW Gold Guide

This gold making method works mainly on realms where Heavenly Shards cost more than 80g, but also depends on some other items and their value. A few professions are also needed. If this works on your realm, you're bound to make lots of fast gold!

Enchanting and Jewelcrafting needed
The goal is to craft the following item and disenchant them. Each ring disenchants into 1-3 Heavenly Shards. On my realm, cheapest shard costs 97g atm. It costs about 50g to create one ring, so there's small profit even if I get only one shard from the disenchant.

Vicious Amberjewel Band
It requires 510 Jewelcrafting and to disenchant it, you need 450 Enchanting. You can learn the recipe from any JC trainer.

Volatile Waters are often expensive, but easy to farm. So if you have some time to spare and want to maximize your profit, it would be wise to farm them yourself. There's a couple of good farming spots, so I will be creating a post about them next, and perhaps some other volatiles I've missed.

Amberjewels are cheap most of the time. I've snatched many for less than 5g, but I've seen they cost more than 50g on a few realms. If you are on one of those realms, you will make even more gold by prospecting Elementium Ore, if it's cheap.

To get some cheap Ambers, use the trade channel! "WTB all your Amberjewels <price tag>" works wonders! Many people have stockpiles of them gathering dust in the bank, including me.

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Gordeez said...

This is a nice tip. Thanks. Im going to be saving some gold now.
THe shards are currently 200g on my server, while the ring price avg. is about 75g to make!!

Anonymous said...

After patch 4.3 on many realms the price for volatile waters and other volatiles has tanked. On SOME servers its profitable to buy the v-water off the AH and do this.

Same with volatile airs, vol-airs and Ocean Sapp makes the PvP rings you DE and make heavenly shards.

Anonymous said...

I'll watch mat prices, but currently on my realm the rings would cost ~210-220g (v-waters are 22-25 ea) and shards are only 165g

Anonymous said...

Note that these rings (like all other blue-quality items) always DE into exactly ONE shard...

... unless you have the Bountiful Bags guild perk. If you do, then you will sometimes proc an extra 1-2 shards from the DE.

The proc rate works out to about 15%, so generally speaking figure the cost/profit based on a 1 shard result, and the 15% proc yield is your bonus margin.