Monday, January 30, 2012

Farming Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw) - WoW Gold Guide

This is the grandfather of all gold making tricks in my opinion. Many have tried it, and even more have failed. Some have had incredible luck and found 2 within 30 minutes of farming! Some have farmed it for months and haven't found it still. What's your story?

cataclysm gold guide
The pet worth 10,000 gold
Have you tried farming Hyacinth Macaw? It might be your lucky day!
Image credit: Ozlem

Where to farm Parrot Cage Hyacinth Macaw?
Farming this beauty is simple, but gets repetitive very soon. If you want to try your luck farming it, your best bet would be to do the farming in small quantities, like 30 minutes every time you log in. You can also combine the farming with leveling if you have a toon with enough levels (30 ish) to gain experience from the monsters you are farming!

Like revealed in the Mega Pet Map, Hyacinth Macaw can be farmed in Stranglethorn Vale. It can drop from any monster in the zone, but some mobs have slightly better drop rates for it.

Monsters that have highest drop rate for Hyacinth Macaw:
Monsters that are the easiest to farm, but slightly lower drop rates:
Even the highest drop rates are at around 0.06%, so RNG plays a big part in the farming.

What's the price of a Hyacinth Macaw?
This pet has been sold for anywhere between 1000 to 50000 gold, so it's your decision alone. If you want some fast gold, sell yours for 5-10k. If no one else is selling one and you're not in a hurry, go for a higher price.

Don't forget to advertise on the trade chat! You'll never know when a pet collector is watching.

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Mako said...

I just got lucky and snagged one off the Neutral AH for 1200g. :)

Kuja said...

Grats! =) That's some great luck!

Anonymous said...

Decided to farm it. Got soda and munchies, getting ready for the long haul. Killed 4 mobs. It dropped.

Kuja said...

That must be a new record! Grats! Unless someone has found one on their first kill.

Anonymous said...

my brother was just flying over STV, decided to drop in and kill a venture co guy, got it straight away.

so i slapped him :)

Corvinas on Bladefist said...

Just picked on up tonight on my 14th kill of bloodsail pirates, just there for the quests and down it dropped, couldn't beleive my luck.

Anonymous said...

Been farming it for over 2000 kills...has not dropped yet :(. On the positive side silk cloth sells good on my server :).

Anna said...

I was on my new toon that I just leveled to 80 with scroll of resurrection a few days ago, did my first dig site, got attacked my a random mob while i was digging, killed it, and the hyacinth mccaw dropped. Can't believe it, when I used to play a year ago I couldn't even get the easier drops when I farmed all day!

Anonymous said...

Didn't even know what a Hyacinth Macaw was until it dropped while question in Stranglethorn Vail. Knew it was a rare drop though, b/c pets don't usually drop like that, so I thought I'd check out the auction house, and was blown away that it was selling for 10k. Woot!

Anonymous said...

Actually for me, I was just questing and it dropped on my first quest first kill. :3