Thursday, January 19, 2012

Blacksmithing Gold Making | Frostguard for Transmogrification

I got a nice tip from a reader about the plans for a unique looking weapon. The plans can be sold, or if you want to make even more gold, learned - as long as you have blacksmithing! It takes a lot of materials to craft, but each Frostguard you craft may give you thousands of gold in return!

transmogrification gold making
Frostguard gives your Volcanospike a chiller look!
Image credit: Aestu

Buy it and craft it!
The recipe, Plans: Frostguard was a drop from a rare mob, but these days it can be purchased from a vendor too. This makes getting it a lot easier than it was before.

Frostguard itself is a level 58 one handed sword. One does not use it for leveling purposes though! It has better than average looks and is quite valuable in the eyes of any sword user who wants to do some transmogging.

The sword sells for 500-3000 wow gold most of the time, but there are exceptions. See if there's anyone selling it on your realm. If not, you're free to ask anything for it! Just don't forget to advertise it on the trade chat, and mention the snowy glow effect on it that stays even after transmogging. Ice magi love it!

making gold with blacksmithingThe recipe is sold by Daleohm in Winterspring. It costs 8 gold to learn and requires quite a few classic trade goods when crafted. Here's a list of them. Some of them are harder to obtain and might have a heavy price tag if purchased from the auction house. If you have the profesions, it's a lot cheaper to craft the materials yourself!


Crafting not always necessary
Note that the plans are BOE, so you can sell it in the auction house if you can't craft it. Though there is more people selling plans than the craftables most of the time, so expect less gold that way!

Thanks to Timich, the level 85 healing cat from The Sha'tar for this great tip!

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gothanks said...

Man this shit made me a lot of whole gold, thanks A LOT!
In my server (new server) I make those for about 250g, and I sell them for around 500-800g each! Already sold something like 6 in 1 week or so. totally worth it