Sunday, December 25, 2011

Disgusting Oozeling Farming - WoW Gold Guide

All veteran players are already aware of this gold making pet, but in case there's any new players reading, you should not miss this pet out. With the Cataclysm changes made to Oozing Bags and where to get them, it's not as hard to farm as many would think!

wow gold guide
They don't bite.. very hard!
Image credit: bladedcross

Where to farm Disgusting Oozeling
The only way to obtain a Disgusting Oozeling companion pet is to farm Oozes and Worms. Most of them drop Oozing Bags which contain junk, but there's also a 2% ish chance that one contains a Disgusting Oozeling instead.

Disgusting Oozelings, like all expensive pets, are hard to sell due to their high value. Usually people sell these for 5-10k gold and have to spend a few days advertising it in the trade chat before a buyer is found.

wow gold guide
Disgusting Oozeling
Image credit: phaydre
Oozing Bags have a 8-19% drop rate, so you will be getting a fair amount of them. Still, if you are unlucky, you may have to kill 20 before even one drops for you, and spend hours, if not days opening them before you get your Oozeling.

Then again, if you feel lucky, many have obtained one after just a few kills. So it's always a wise idea to try your luck from time to time if you are close to the following mobs!

Best monsters to farm for Oozing bags:
There are lots more, but the rest have either a lower than 9% drop rate or have lower spawn timers/amounts. If I missed your favourite monster and you would like others to know about it aswell, leave a reply!

Leveling tip
When you are level 50, it's not a bad idea to grind your way to 60 by farming the above monsters, if you are not in a hurry to level and would like to make a huge pile of gold!

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Jackspot said...

I have never tried to farm this pet, now i will ;) thx

Excellent leveling tip, i usually do it with my herborist, first i wait for long 'blue bar' then farm and make a good profit


Ven said...

Tried that yesterday for about half and hour no luck, but got a hammer for transmogrification if it sells Super.!!!

Kuja said...

Yup. Usually 30 minutes is not enough. I've tried it 7 times total I think, and spent 60 minutes each time.

On 3 sessions I didn't find any oozelings. On 3 other sessions I found one within 50 minutes and on one occasion I obtained 2 in less than 30 minutes.

RNG =)

Ramcharger said...

I actually got this pet in Silithus (sp?) while working on cooking on my warrior. Sold it the second time listed on the AH for 8888 gold.

Roskam said...

After reading this article started farming in Swamp of Sorrows on shifting mire globs, after 20 min. the pet dropped in oozing bag, sold the pet for 10K gold on AH.

thnx for the tip, started now farming on the dragon whelps

Anonymous said...

Read this post yesterday, and decided to go and give it a go "Heck why not?".
So I begin to kill Mireglobs at 21.00, and I shit you not, found the pet at 21.04.
REALLY random RNG <3
Blizzard trying to make up for me farming 25.000+ pirates for the Hyacinth.

Anonymous said...

I opened close to 10 bags and got none ..

Jackspot said...

I did it ! Thx again ;)

Anonymous said...

First Time I farmed this pet it took one to drop on the 214 Oozing bag!! Farmed it again a couple of days ago and it dropped on the 12th bag! RNG for ya. A useful tip is to go to Swamp of Sorrows and farm for bags while waiting in que to cap out your weekly valor points.