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Low Level WoW Gold Guide | Raptor Nests: Leaping Hatchling

Here we go! Takk's Nest is the last raptor nest there is, until MOP brings lots of new pets that are obtained in a similar manner. When you loot Takk's Nest, you obtain the Leaping Hatchling pet, which should give you some quick gold! There's more raptor pets in the world still, but rest of them require a bit of farming. Nevertheless, I will go through those aswell at some point!

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Even a level 10 player can get rich with this method!

Find it, Steal it, Sell it
Leaping Hatchling is perhaps the cheapest of the raptor pets, at least on the horde side. Takk's Nest is located next to Orgrimmar, so horde players don't have to spend a lot of time to check the spawn points out. If you're playing on the alliance side, this might be of more value to you! Still, even a level 10 horde player can perform this gold making trick, and hundred gold coins should be useful at those levels!

Takk's Nest spawns in Northern Barrens, near Durotar and Orgrimmar. It has 4 spawn points around a small area and is easy to spot. Just look around the trees and bushes and you will find it in no time!

Takk the Leaper is the owner of the nest, a rare raptor that patrols around the spawn points. She offers a low level greenie and a big exp boost if you're low level, so not really worth the kill if you're level 85.

Raptor Nests should be checked multiple times a day, as they all respawn within a few hours and sell relatively fast.

Four spawn points
Like most nests, this one also has multiple spawn points. Use map to get an idea where to look, or click here to see it on wowhead with coordinates attached..

secret gold guide
Northern Barrens
After checking this nest out, be sure to click on some other hatchling below and check that one out aswell!

All revealed raptor nests
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