Friday, December 16, 2011

Jewelcrafting Gold Guide | Focusing Lenses

Here's a small gold making trick. But too big for twitter! You may have come across Focusing Lenses when leveling Jewelcrafting. You may also have sold those in the Auction House and made fast sales, but not that significant for you to bother making more of them. Or so I thought at least!

world of warcraft gold guide
How to make gold with Jewelcrafting

1 gold into 30 gold
Focusing Lenses can be made with simple reagents. Usually one "useless" WOTLK gem can be turned into a Focusing Lens, instantly multiplying it's value. These gems sell for 50 silver to 18 gold most of the time, so they will always be profitable to craft.

Focusing lenses sell for 20-50 gold usually. If someone is selling for less than that, and the reagents are more expensive, it's safe to flip those.

Keep in mind though that Focusing Lens is a fun item, like Illusion Potion. The latter is a Cataclysm product though, so half of players do not know/remember Focusing Lenses and won't be searching for those. If you want to make fast gold, you have to advertise a bit in the trade chat!

List of Focusing Lenses:

Dark Jade Focusing Lens
1 x Dark Jade

Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens
1 x Shadow Crystal

Shadow Jade Focusing Lens
1 x Dark Jade
1 x Shadow Crystal

Where can I get the gems?
Usually there's a lot of them in the auction house. If they are too expensive, it would be wise to prospect some ores and get some crystals that way! WOTLK ores are not cheap these days though, as almost all miners focus on Cataclysm ores instead and make a lot less gold that way. Why? I do not know.
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Always compare the prices!

Ores that contain lens gems:

Cheapest ore from my experience is Saronite. There's usually no point prospecting Cobalt or Titanium Ore, as they are more valuable when turned into bars or sold as they are. Tit Ore offers epic gems though, but they are hard to sell, as only level 70 gladiators have need for those.

Are you a miner?
If you would like to farm instead, check the Mining category on the left and see the farming routes. If you don't see an ore included you would like to farm, leave a comment and I will post a trick or two about that one!

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