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Ancient Lichen Farming - WoW Gold Guide

When making gold with herbalism, one should choose a herb that has limited availability, so there's more gold to be made when selling it. Sure, common herbs sell a lot faster, but overall there's more gold to be made if you focus on multiple herbs and not only Cataclysm herbs! TBC herbs are excellent examples.

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This instance is a Gold Mine!
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Not your farming priority
When farming Ancient Lichen, you will always prioritize some other gold making method or you will make a lot less gold per hour. One example is to go to Heroic Slave Pens and clear the instance of mobs, and while doing that,
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Ancient Lichen
Requires herbalism: 340
gather all Ancient Lichen you run into. The other loot you're getting is worth more than the Ancient Lichs, especially if you know how to disenchant the greenies and have a tailor who puts the Netherweave cloth into good use, such as bags.

Ancient Lichen can be found inside instances and gathered from plant creatures with herbalism, such as bog giants around Zangarmarsh or trees in Skettis.

A single Ancient Lichen node may contain the following:

How to make a lot of gold!
There's a few choices on where to farm Ancient Lichen. The best of all in my opinion is Underbog, because you can combine it with a killer gold making method that focuses on the Sanguine Hibiscus you're getting from the instance. Nevertheless, all of the instances are profitable to farm (on heroic mode mainly) if you clear them fully, so choose whichever suits you the best!

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Think what you farm
With so many sellers there's lots of undercutting!

making gold with herbalism
Uncommon herbs means lots of profit
Mainly because there's often no one selling any!
Places to farm Ancient Lichen:
If you do not know where an instance is located, post a comment below, or wait for a Loot Hunters' Instance Farming post about it.
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