Monday, December 12, 2011

Fast Gold | Raptor Nests: Razormaw Hatchling

One of my favourite ways to make gold in wow is by selling pets. They are most of the time expensive and they sell fast in most cases. There's still a few raptor nests remaining, so let's tackle the Razormaw Hatchling next!

cataclysm gold guide
These eggs are made of gold. See for yourself!

Easy way to make gold
Razormaw Matriarch's nest spawns in Wetlands and works the same way all other raptor nests do. All you have to do is interact with the nest and you get a new companion pet, which you then should sell in the auction house.

The nest's owner, Razormaw Matriarch is also around most of the time, and despite being rare, does not offer any significant loot, besides a big exp boost if you are low level.

Razormaw Hatchling is a bit more rare than the others, because it's hidden in a remote cave in a zone that never has people in it, from my experience. I've never seen more than 1 or 2 in the auction house, but often there's a fat zero available, so they tend to be more expensive than the other raptors.

All Raptor Nests should be checked at least once per day, more if you didn't find some of the eggs on your first visit.

Single spawn point
Unlike other nests, this one has a single spawn point next to the Razormaw Matriarch rare creature, inside the cave, like seen on the picture.
wow gold blog
The nest spawns inside the cave!
Location: Wetlands
Map by: wowhead

These nests usually respawn every 1-4 hours, sometimes sooner.

After checking this nest out, be sure to click on some other hatchling below and check that one out aswell!

All revealed raptor nests

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Phat Lewts said...

I don't usually go for farming things but this one sounded cool so I had to check it out. A useful note if you're Horde is to use the Twilight Highlands port and then fly west to Wetlands. Had fun going to get this one.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this spot is so popular that the markets I play (3 different servers, both factions) are usually glutted. The prices have dropped so much that I can make more with Winterspring Cubs.

Kuja said...


That's a fast way to get there indeed!