Sunday, December 4, 2011

Engineering Guide | Making gold with Pet Bomblings

How to make gold with engineering! Here's the other engineering pet, Pet Bombling, that I was talking about in my last post. It's very similar to the Lil' Smoky pet, because the schematic drops from the same zone and creating one also requires similar materials. They both sell fast usually, too!

More to craft!
The Schematic: Pet Bombling drops from the last boss in Gnomeregan. You don't have to kill it many times as it's a fairly high, yet unconfirmed drop rate. Keep in mind that this schematic is also BOP so you must have engineering if you want to see it drop.

cataclysm gold guide
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Pet Bombling has a lower average aucion price, but personally I've sold this one for 500-3000 gold too if no one else is undercutting me. Like always, the lower the price, the faster the sales. This usually means more gold overall too!

Don't overdo it!
When creating craftable pets, it's always a good idea to grab a lot of materials so you can make 5-10 pets and then list them one at a time for sale to make them look more unique. If someone notices you're selling 10 Pet Bomblings for 2000 wow gold each in the auction house, they will start thinking: "Omg, that's one easy pet to make gold with!" and perhaps even join the fun. This is not what you want!

Pet Bombling (205 engineering)
Average price: 70-250g
Top price: 3000-6000g 
    Raw materials for 10 Pet Bomblings

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    Azz said...

    So, I have started leveling my engineer toon again and saw a few posts about the pet and immediately que'd for Gnomeregan to obtain it. Unfortunately, I did not get it, and apparently now I am too high level to que for that specific dungeon. :(

    I guess I will either have to put a group together or get someone to run me through it until it drops.