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Engineering Guide | Lil'Smoky - WoW Gold Guide

There's lots of engineering pets that can make plenty of gold on most realms. Now is the time for the next pet - Lil'Smoky! These little creatures have made me at least 30,000g this year. Like most engineering pets, creating one takes no less than a few minutes. If there's none for sale on your realm, and you have engineering, give this method a go if you need an additional passive gold source!

Craft and Sell!
To craft the pet, you need to obtain the Schematic: Lil' Smoky first! It's a random BOP drop from Gnomeregan in Dun Morogh. Only engineers can see it drop, so I'm not sure about the drop rate. For my engineer it dropped on my first Gnome run, so it shouldn't take too long to obtain it!

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Because Gnomeregan is closer to alliance towns, there's usually more available on the alliance auction houses, making them less profitable. On the horde side there's usually less Lil' Smokies for sale, at least on my realms. Often I can ask whatever I want for one. I usually keep the price at around 300-3000g to make fast sales, but I've tried higher numbers and they also work, although it's less gold per week that way.

Keep in mind that larger realms usually have more pets available, so it may or may not be very profitable everywhere.

Lil' Smoky (205 engineering)
Average price: 100-300g
Top price: 3000-8000g

There's another engineering pet that has made me lots of gold recently, so I will go through that one next. Stay tuned! =)

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