Thursday, December 15, 2011

Elite Gold Making Tricks

I've been working on a way to make some gold making methods less saturated. Not significantly, but a little bit. One of these methods would be about the recently posted enchanting formula that many raged about, because it would have been wise to "keep it secret" instead in their opinion.

I agree partially. It's more gold if less people perform it, but I'm a gold blogger so I just can't keep a secret if it involves making gold! That said, I've created a so called "elite section" where all present and future gold making tricks will be posted, as long as they fit in the category. Usually one of 10 posts fit in this category, so there will be plenty of tricks here too!

However, all methods in the elite section will be available elsewhere too, most likely. I cannot affect what other gold making sites post about, but I can affect my blog. =)

While most blogs and sites that have a similar restricted area require you to pay money for access, I give it freely. But you have to spend a minute of you time to complete a simple survey before you are granted access. This should take half of the visitors from the Elite Gold Tips, making them a little bit more useful for whoever wants to see them.

Nothing (new) to see.. Yet!
While writing this, there's no new methods there. Just some that I have already posted once, but are too good to be here for all to see. They are now removed and can be seen there instead. We don't want to see gold making tricks starting to lose effect! Sure, it can't be remedied anymore, but future elite methods can be saved partially, at least for my part. =)

Note: The Elite site is still very much under construction. It doesn't even have a layout yet!

Enter here ---> Elite Gold Making

Update: The access will last 25 days from now on instead of 2 days!

To see what's happening in the Elite Section, click on the above link or on the Elite Gold Making link on top of this page. I'm still working on a way to notify you of new methods posted there.

Twitter perhaps? Email notification? Mentioned in a blog post?

If you have any feedback, such as ideas or comments, don't hesitate to reply. I write for you, so I want you to have a pleasant reading experience. Your opinion is valuable!

Winter Veil Gold Making Reminder

Don't forget to check the Winter Veil Gold Guide! I've been the only one selling Gingerbread Cookies and Ice Cold Milk on my realm, and have made a killing already!

Don't forget to flip spices aswell!

Kill a Dragonhawk. Buy Spices. Bake a Cookie.
Requirements: Cooking (1)
Tip: Don't list 100 Gingerbreads at once. Keep them in small amounts to make them look more valuable.

Do you want more gold tips? Don't forget to share!


Nostrademus said...

Seems to me like the Elite Gold Making is a scheme to allow you to make real life money by force feeding us surveys that take you to pop up purgatory. Not so slick there and I can go to other sources that truly offer no strings attached info. I would have rather made a $5 donation than to go through that thinly veiled money grab. I'm sure you will never let this comment see the light of day but at least I know you are seeing it.

Kuja said...


Thanks for the valuable opinion! If enough people dislike the free access feature, I have to think of some other options.

Pay-What-You-Want donation would not limit the saturation like we've seen with other sites, and I don't want to create any more sites that have pre-defined entrance fee either.

So keep 'em ideas coming! :) There's no nazi moderation here, because I value your opinion more than mine!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kumar,

I like your blogs. I can not get to your elite section from my Internet Tablet, which is probably classified as a mobile device by your website. Just means I have to log in special on my PC to see it.

- Apics

Greygamer said...

I had a look at this and each of the surveys wanted a whole lot of personal details!

That is more vaulable to me than 'secret tips' for a video game. I won't be using this for that reason alone.

Kuja said...


Thanks for the details! I can't participate on the surveys myself so I don't know what kind of details they require.

Doesn't sound like a good idea if they require excessive details, I have to think of an alternative way to grant access to the elite page in this case.

Kuja said...

Before I can come up with some other solution, I've raised the access duration to 25 days for one survey. Hopefully that won't be too annoying. =)

Greygamer said...

I have checked most if not all of these 'surveys' and they either want name, email, address and telephone numbers (landline and mobile) or are for online gambling.

Once they have these details they can pass them to whoever they choose (often for cash).

For those reasons I will not be proceeding further with this new feature.

Anonymous said...

man... those surveys are so complicated to fill.. I really tried, but I could manage my way through it at all!! It kept popping up some new offer or else and I never saw the end of it... so I think you really need something better than this commercial survey thing or you won't get a lot of people inside your special section

Kuja said...

I feared as much. I will replace the system when I can come up with a better solution.

If anyone can think of a way you would like it to work, I would appreciate it a lot. And ofcourse your username/ip will be whitelisted for life, so there's no need for you to do anything to gain access. =) (Except to come up with an idea, lol!)

Anonymous said...

Generally like using tips from your site...popped on recently after a break from wow for a bit to see the elite part.

Seems like you'll be trying something different, but yeah...surveys like that are intrusive as hell, I woulda been really disappointed had you done it knowing they were like that.

Hopefully when you get a better idea, you take some time to test it out before using it...