Saturday, November 12, 2011

Valuable Loot | Plans: Radiant Belt - WoW Gold Guide

This method is for everyone, no matter how little time you have when ingame. All it takes is a few seconds of your time to put it into practice and after some time, reap the rewards. That is assuming you can find one!

No more Darkmoon Faire
You may have seen me mentioning the value of Plans: Radiant Belt recipe in a previous post that had to do with the old Darkmoon Faire. There is a better way to obtain this currently: Auction House. I've spotted even 4 in the past months and I don't even login every day. However, most people seem to be getting these from the Darkmoon loot bags, and thus, often are aware of it's value. A spike before the end?

With the old Darkmoon Faire gone, it may no longer be possible to obtain these from DM loot bags. I don't play on the PTR so I haven't checked out what you can actually spend your tickets on, besides pets and mounts.

The recipe itself is worthless, but its extremely rare and all collectors will be needing it. That's why I've seen people sell these for 20s to 30000g. Once I even spotted 2 at the same time, both for little bit less than 200g. I bought them right away and listed only one at a time so it looks more valuable. Eventually they both gave me about 150x profit, which is ridiculous considering how easy it was. Sure it took a long while to sell them both, but the auction house fees are non-existent and there's always the trade chat!

What to do:
  1. Search the auction house for the Radiant Belt blacksmithing plans.
  2. If the price is less than 5000g, buy it! If its more, check your wallet first.
  3. Relist for more than 9999g
  4. Be patient. Be very patient!
  5. Use the trade chat aswell!
  6. Do NOT reduce the price. If something, raise it.
Keep in mind that many people play the AH daily so it may be hard to find rare plans like this, at least for a low price. Farming these is pointless, so it's best that you stick to the auction house.
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Backthief said...

Just because its rare it doesnt mean its worth something.

One of the worst gold tips i have heard. Dont follow it.

Mebs said...

Actually there is a person on my server wanting to complete his enchanting and is missing 2 extrememly rare enchants that are no longer in game or are at least a .01% drop rate...offering 80k for the two. I wouldn't say this is worthless at all

Kuja said...

Indeed. On my main realm there is a crazy collector aswell, and one of the missing plans was the radiant belt one. Though the offer wasn't 40k. :c 15k is pretty good too, considering I've snatched them for less than 200g almost always.