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Skinning Guide | 5 Best Places to farm Savage Leather

I noticed that I haven't added even one Cataclysm skinning trick yet. I may be a little late, but Savage Leather farming still works last I checked!

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Farm that Savage Leather
Most of the Savage Leather farming guides found on the internet are outdated by now and were also nerfed earlier this year. No more Deepholm bats or Lost City tigers, sadly. It doesn't make skinning any less profitable, however. There are lots of other places that should make you lots of gold when some skinning is performed!

auction house gold guide
Time your auctions!
Sometimes there's less for sale,
meaning more profits!
It's not as profitable as it was earlier, but I'll try write a post about all trade goods, as long as you can make a decent amount of gold with them in order to make my gold making guide as complete as possible.

Protip: Keep in mind that you can also obtain Pristine Hides when skinning high level monsters!

Another Protip: Dragons also sometimes drop Blackened Dragon Scales when skinned.

PvP Enabled!
Here's the all-time favourite monsters for Savage Leather farming that are still working. Why are they favourites? Mainly because they are quest monsters. You have to kill them if you want to complete quests.

A note of warning though, as some of these places are dangerous if you are on a PVP realm. There's also other players killing these monsters usually, so there's less work for you! For coordinates and skinning info, click on a name!

Tol Barad
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farming gold baradin
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Molten Front

tol barad gold farming skinning
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Twilight Highlands

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Sometimes there's just too much leather available!
If there's thousands of Savage Leather for sale in your auction house, it would be wise to wait until there's less available before listing your leathers for sale. In the meanwhile, it's wise to search for "leather" and see which leather is the most valuable currently, and go farm that instead while waiting for the Savage Leather prices to rise.
secret gold guide
Got Leatherworking?
Time to improvise!

Alternatively, if you have Leatheworking, you can see if buying cheap Savage Leather is profitable if you turn it into Heavy Savage Leather instead. It's true that any leatherworker who needs Heavy Savage Leather could do the same, but there's little to lose.

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